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Friday, August 12, 2011


In another in a series of Fox News hosted debates for the GOP contenders wanting to face Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, eight candidates took to the stage in Iowa in a debate that at times was heated and not always against Obama but had an outcome that many did not expect or foresee in the conventional thinking that Mitt Romney is the perceived head of the pack.

Romney received as usual because of his perceived front runner status a few more questions than the rest and he answered in his usual slick and somewhat evasive manner. But only three particular things shined forth in the debate which placed it above the fray as debates go.

First the clear winner of the debate was Newt Gingrich. Not only were his answers precise, detailed and on the mark which anyone who has watched Newt in the past should not be surprised, but he did not hesitate to take on and even scold the media and call a spade a spade when it comes to the ridiculous actions taken in the past weeks by Congress and Obama over the debt ceiling debacle.

When asked by Fox's Chris Wallace in a rather condescending manner about his campaign staff changes, Newt did not hesitate to scold both Wallace and the media in general for, "gotcha questions," which he stated are more of what the media is interested in than the substance of the issues that the country faces. To the delight of the audience Newt left Wallace with egg on his face.

In another question addressing the, "super committee," set up by Congress to decide which cuts to make in light of the bad debt ceiling bill recently passed, Newt again took on the DC establishment saying the committee is one of the stupidest things ever done in Congress. Waiting for 12, "brilliant," (fully sarcastic), people to tell the rest of the Congress whether to gut defense spending or raise taxes. By Christmas, as Newt stated, we will be asked whether we want to, "choose between cutting off our head or our leg."

Tim Pawlenty virtually ended his campaign during the debate as he acted as if he almost had a personal vendetta against Michelle Bachman. He attacked her unmercifully and unjustifiably throughout the debate in a manner that was crude as well as filled with inconsistent accusation and charges. At times he took the attacks to the level of anger making them heated in their mode and content.

Bachman who was obviously angred at the charges very calmy refuted everything Pawlenty leveled at her and did get a few justifiable jabs in to boot. Pawlenty in his actions revealed a man who would rather attacked with innuendos and false claims than discuss intelligently possible differences in how to handle an issue. I have never been a Pawlenty fan but now see he has no business running for President and does not deserve the possibility of the GOP nomination.

Ron Paul rambled on in his usual subjects but revealed for the first time a more dangerous side in connection with his well known isolationist ideas. When the question of Iran was put before the candidates, Paul acted very nonchalant about the Iranian threat and even called it no big deal. Stating that Iran is nothing to be concerned about showing a total lack of understanding to accompany his isolationist beliefs.

Jon Huntsman made his first appearance in the debate and at best he brought an energetic yawn. The remainder of the candidates including unfortunately Herman Cain did not shine at any one point throughout the evening. While there is clearly still time before the Primary season officially begins last night revealed three who should drop out now in order to narrow the field and allow the serious contenders to continue. They are Pawlenty, Huntsman and Ron Paul.

The emergence of Rick Perry will change the field somewhat and will make the next debate more interesting but the night clearly belonged to Newt and as the candidates spend the weekend in Iowa he left the debate hall with a small head of steam he has not had before in his campaign.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

These Ron Paul people are starting to bug me already. They don't seem to have a clue that R.P. will NEVER win the GOP nomination and couldn't get elected if he did.

12:59 AM, August 16, 2011  
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