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Thursday, May 27, 2010


The entire Gulf Coast Region and possibly the Atlantic Coastal areas are in danger of a catastrophic disaster that quite possibly may never end. I am referring to the oil spill that is blanketing a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico and still spewing oil. The almost deliberately slow response by the Obama administration who only want to demonize BP has added greatly to the devastating problem in the Gulf.

But the death blow to this massive spill and the guarantee that it will never end came during a speech that was delivered by Barack Obama while visiting a solar energy plant. In his usual staged and practiced voice of insincere concern, Obama gave the death blow to any success in stopping the oil spill whether it is plugging the break in the oil line or cleaning up the after math.

Obama stated, " We will not rest until this well is shut, the environment is repaired, and the cleanup is complete." If past experience is any measure as to just how well things turn out when Obama, "valiantly," claims he," will not rest," until something is solved or taken care of or completed, then we are in BIG trouble with the Gulf oil spill.

When Obama took office he promised he would not rest until the economy was back on its feet. Then he proceeded to sign the, "stimulus," bill which not only slowed any recovery but has worsened the problem because of the massive government involvement that this irresponsible bill produced. Not to mention the negative affect on the economy of the deficits and debt that this trillion dollar debacle caused.

One of the impacts that the stimulus had on the economy was to INCREASE the unemployment numbers rather that decrease them as Obama promised when he forced this nightmare down our throats. So what does Obama cry as unemployment grows ? He once again states several times that he would not rest until employment was made available for anyone who wants to work. What happened ? Not only did unemployment increase but MORE employers stopped hiring. Strike two in the, "I will not rest, " saga.

After the attempted bombing of the Detroit bound airliner on Christmas Day, when Obama FINALLY appeared several days later to make his remarks about this terrorist attack, he stated, "We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable." So the terrorist was mirandized almost immediately after the attack while in the process of spilling his guts out about future attacks and less than six months later an attack was attempted in New York's Times Square by an Islamic terrorist with almost identical ties as the Detroit bomber. So much for not resting until everyone involved for Detroit was found. Oh in case you're counting this was strike three in the, " I will not rest, " saga

Now the Gulf of Mexico and possibly the Atlantic Coast is facing the most devastating oil spill in US history. Obama has done nothing but whine and blame everyone. His underlings have dragged their feet at every possible point in responding to this problem while BP has been working around the clock to do what is considered almost impossible, capping a well and a break in 5,000 feet of water. A situation that was caused by government regulations which forced BP to have to drill in such deep water in the first place.

Once again Obama says he, "will not rest, " until this problem is solved. Look out Gulf Coast. Look our Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Look out Gulf fishing industry and look out BP, Obama has said he will not rest. You are doomed to a never ending oil spill and slick that will continue to spread because Obama," will not rest."

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

But Ken, Obama is NOT resting. He's out playing basketball, or golf or fundraising or bashing Republicans and blaming George Bush.

All those are very strenuous activities.

What do you expect from a man who entered office with NO EXPERIENCE and no proven ability to lead or command?

12:04 AM, May 28, 2010  
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