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Sunday, May 09, 2010


The world has been an eye witness to the total collapse of a sovereign Nation. This collapse is not the result of an invading army or a dictatorial regime whose tyrannical leader has died creating a power struggle for control. This collapse in not the result of a military coup which forced the Nation into chaos. This collapse was the direct cause of cradle to grave government dependency and the response of a people who have grown lazy because of it.

Greece the worlds first Democracy is bankrupt. The Greek Parliament in order to attempt to save what is left of the Nation has sought and received billions of dollars in bailout money from The International Monetary Fund and still cannot meet the demands of their out of control government spending.

The Parliament increased taxes at a rate that is among the highest in the world. Adding to this is a Value Added Tax which is just one more dig into the wallets of the citizens of Greece. Then the Greek Parliament did what had been unheard of in recent history. Rather than increase spending with the additional money they actually cut spending by cutting programs in order to try and stabilize the Greek economy.

Thousands of Greek citizens took to the street in violent protests. Protests that were not demanding that the government cease with its high taxation. Protests that were not against government controls or taking a stand for freedom. The people of Greece rose in violent numbers because the Greek Parliament CUT government spending which CUT government programs that the people had grown accustomed to.

The people are violently protesting because they have grown accustomed to depending on the government and that government can no longer foot the bill for that dependency. The populace of Greece have become government slaves and now that the government is bankrupt due to a cradle to the grave ,"care," for all of their citizens those citizens are angry that their government can no longer be their provider.

A once proud Democracy has become a socialist anarchy with a populace whose dependency on government is so entrenched that they protest because their government can no longer ,"take care," of them. A total economic disaster for Greece and a sign of disaster for many other European countries that are near collapse because of similar government spending and cradle to grave, "care," for their citizens.

Are we watching Americas future being played out in the streets of Athens, Greece? If Barack Obama has his way the troubles that are now destroying the Nation of Greece could very well be what lies ahead for The United States. In fact during his campaign Obama used Greece as an example of his vision for America and his idea of fairness for all citizens of our free Republic. A vision that if fulfilled will be the end of our ,"free," Republic and the creation of a total nanny state where Americans are dependent on government for everything.

Obama's ,"vision," of cradle to grave government dependency for Americans plays well for many in our country who already see government as the answer to all of their problems. Who can ever forget the video of the lady taken on election night as she rejoiced in Obama's election by gleefully stating that she would no longer have to worry about paying her mortgage or car payment or electric bill or buying groceries. All because of the,"vision," of socialist nanny Barack Obama.

Some may think that we will never see violent reaction from Americans like we are seeing with Greece just because government programs are cut, because after all Americans love our freedoms and we will never allow what is happening in Greece to reach our shores. Think again! Remember the College students in California who recently violently protested because their government provided tutitons were being cut due to the states near bankruptcy ?

Unfortunately in a real sense some of the Greek troubles have already reached our shores. We have had this nanny state in several forms in our Nation long before Obama took office. Social Security is one form of our existing nanny state, a sacred cow which everyone is afraid to touch or try to, "fix," because of a fear of citizen backlash due to the millions of seniors who totally depend on Social Security for their retirement.

Another form of our nanny state are the welfare programs which are portrayed as compassion for those who have less but in actuality create a trapped dependency because in most instances when one becomes a welfare recipient in order to continue receiving help a recipient must abandon every avenue of bettering ones self in order to remain at the level in which eligibility for welfare assistance is available. So the fear of NOT succeeding outside of the system creates a total dependency in order to remain eligible within the system.

This nanny state is the dream of Barack Obama who once stated that the flaw in our Constitution of, "negative liberties," is that our Framers stated what the government cannot do but did not state what the,"government must do," on behalf of the people. Of course we who understand the concept of a free Republic and a free people with a limited government know that this, "omission," by our Framers was intentional BECAUSE the Constitution was written to limit governments involvement in the freedoms and individual ability of our citizenry to prosper without government interference.

Barack Obama in stark contrast not only wants the government to interfere but believes that it is governments responsibility and purpose to provide for the people and the people to be dependent on the government for their every need. He condemns we who protest against government growth and interference in our lives. In fact in recent speeches Obama has criticized our protests because we consider big government bad for the people. So he used examples of how those who were attending his staged town hall meetings traveled to those meetings on, "government roads," and praised government regulations that ,"protect," Americans from evil Wall Street investors.

On April 30th in one of these staged town halls Obama stated, " I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." Why would a President of a free nation even think this ? There can only be one answer to that question. If a citizen continues to, "make money," and strive to better their own situation then the need to look to the government for answers becomes not only less but completely unnecessary. In Obama's government utopia this just will not do.

So he takes over health care. He takes over business and seeks to gain the power through a financial, "reform," bill to take over more business in order to control how much individuals in that business can earn. He seeks to take over our energy consumption and control how we use it. He seeks to stifle investment through regulation to prevent ,"greedy investors," from collapsing our economy. Totally ignoring the nanny state entities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whose share the wealth mortgage programs for people without the ability to pay caused the 2008 economic collapse in the first place.

A government dependent people become lazy and slaves to government control and government power. When like Greece the inevitable happens and the failure of the cradle to grave system collapses due to lack of funding, then those who have been made laze by their dependency on government rise to protest because their meal ticket has disappeared and the fear it creates for the future causes a violent reaction. Much like a child who cries when feeding time comes and mommy is not able to get the bottle so the baby has to wait.

Is this the direction that Obama is taking our Nation ? Absolutely. Is this what we want for our country ? For the majority of Americans the answer is, "of course not." Which makes our stand for our freedom and the continuation of our free Republic in opposition to Obama's move toward a Greek style nanny state all the more important. We cannot rest in our protest and in our quest to take back our country lest in few short years of continued Obamaism we find our Nation bankrupt and our dependent populace violently protesting when the coffers become empty.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I just learned to read today and so was surfing the net and found this site. Turns out I've been wrong all along! Thank little baby Jesus for this site and that I have now seen the light! Hopefully other Americans will learn to read today, too!

1:47 PM, June 09, 2010  
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