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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Only two weeks after a potentially devastating attempt to blow up Times Square and kill possibly thousands of people, Homeland Security under the direction of the totally inept Janet Napalitano announces major cuts in federal funding in anti terrorist protection for New York City. As far back a the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 NYC has been the primary target for terrorist activity and Naplitono decides to cut funding which helps prevent such attacks.

Her plan includes cutting Subway anti terrorist funding by 27%, funding for measures at NYC ports by 25%, eliminating funding for radiation detection in the event of a dirty bomb and moving an anti terrorist assignment for the United States Coast Guard from NYC to Boston.

Since her appointment as Homeland Security Secretary, Napalitano has been totally out of touch with the Nations security and at every turn when a terrorist situation has taken place she has not only played it down but completely missed the boat in her assessment of the situation in the immediate after math of the terrorist attack.

She called the Fort Hood shooter nothing more than an disgruntled military officer who was suffering from pre traumatic stress syndrome in association with his pending assignment to Afghanistan. This coming from the inept Napalitano as evidence was surfacing by the minute of Nidal Hassan's ties to Islamic radicals and his involvement with known Al Qaeda operatives both hear and overseas.

She followed the same threads of denial after the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a passenger airliner in route to Detroit. She called the bomber a lone individual who was suffering from mental problems and had no ties to any terrorist activity. This description by Napalitano came after the terrorist admitted to being part of a terrorist plot and that more would come.

Once again after the attempted Times Square bombing Napalitano was quick to jump on the lone individual horse and stating that he was a troubled individual who had financial problems. Again this totally wrong assessment came as evidence was mounting that Shazhad was involved with the same individuals as the Fort Hood terrorist and as his ties to Pakistan Taliban were gaining light in the media.

Napalitano in the days after the passage of the Arizona immigration bill stated in an interview that the borders along the Mexican boundary of Arizona were completely secure, after all she should know since she was Governor of Arizona prior to her appointment to Homeland Security. This lame assessment of secure Arizona borders came after the murders of a rancher and a sheriff's deputy by illegal aliens as well as the continual flood of Mexican drug trafficking and kidnappings which plague Arizona prompting the passage of the immigration bill.

Now the inept Homeland Security chief cuts anti terrorist funding to the city that is well known to be the number one target for terrorist plots and activity only two weeks after the potentially most devastating attack on American soil since 9/11. A failed attack not because of great security but because of the quick reaction to a suspicious vehicle by an alert citizen.

Janet Napalitano does not belong in the Homeland Security department much less as its head. This appointment reveals the inept governing experience of Barack Obama in assigning such a task to a someone who is absolutely unqualified and obviously not up to the task of looking after the security of our Nation. Her resignation should have been demanded long ago and yet she has remained with the total backing and confidence of Obama.

Under Janet Napalitano and the administration of Barack Obama terrorism has been treated as nothing more than a minor inconvenience rather than the major threat that it is to our country and the people of The United States. She remains Homeland Security Secretary because the equally inept Barack Obama like Napalitano refuses to accept that we are at war with Islamic radicals and they will stop at nothing to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

Ken Taylor


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