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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are actually three items that I will include in this post, both of which continue to reveal the hypocrisy and the total arrogant attitude of Barack Obama and his entire administration. In a White House ceremony Obama signed the Press Freedom Act which expands the annual State Department Human Rights report to include a description of press freedoms in the countries included in the report.

So here is the President signing a bill in a public ceremony which details the freedom of the press or lack thereof in countries that are being watched for possible human rights violations by our own State Department and after the signing and Obama's usual statement, he proceeds to DENY our own press corps the freedom to ask him questions about anything even the subject matter of the ceremony.

Of course Obama presser are well know to be totally staged with a TelePrompter and canned questions that are reviewed before the conference so that Obama's answers can be placed on the TelePrompter. But to sign an order concerning press freedoms and not even take a single question even when asked by one reporter, "In the interest of press freedom, would you take a couple questions on BP?" Obama just smiled and walked away. TOTAL hypocrisy which is one of the hallmarks of Barack Obama.

The second item in this post has to do once again with the arrogance of the entire Obama administration concerning the Arizona immigration law. First it was Obama coming out against the bill when it was obvious by the content of his remarks that he had not read the bill. Then last week Eric Holder admitted at a Congressional hearing that he had not read the bill but was planning to file law suits against a bill in which he had no knowledge.

Now yet another imbecile in the Obama administration admitted during another Congressional hearing that they had not read the bill. The totally inept Janet Napalitano was asked during the hearing whether she had read the bill and admitted that she had not then proceeded to announce that she would never have signed it. Napalitano who is a former Arizona Governor stated that law enforcement would not like the bill so she would not have signed it although SHE HAS NO IDEA WHAT IS IN THE BILL!

The third and most disgusting item also has to do with the Arizona immigration law. Michael Posner Assistant Secretary of State actually APOLOGIZED to CHINA for the Arizona immigration law in discussions about human rights violations. In the interview where this IDIOT revealed this he actually acted PROUD that he apologized to CHINA, the country with the worst human rights record in the entire world!

My friends we have the most inept, hypocritical, arrogant and just plain stupid administration in the history of our Nation. And unfortunately when we may think that it cannot get any worse then these imbeciles take another leap off of the cliff of liberal lunacy and show that not only can it get worse but it DOES get worse!

Ken Taylor


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