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Friday, May 28, 2010


During his first news conference in nearly a year Barack Obama tried to place a human face on the Gulf oil spill by sharing a story he claims happened while shaving, when his daughter supposedly asked him, "daddy did you plug the hole." Referring of course to the hole in the oil line that was caused by the destruction of the drilling platform which took place more than a month ago in th e Gulf of Mexico.

First this was reminiscent of a statement made by Jimmy Carter during a debate when he stated that he had asked his 12 year old daughter Amy, what was the most important issue at the time and she told him, " the control of nuclear arms." This hounded him for the rest of the campaign until his eventual loss to Ronald Reagan.

This home town face was part of the Carter image from the very beginning and although the supposed conversation with his daughter was lame, it was typical Carter. As far as Obama and his daughters question, it not only did not have the desired affect that Obama had hoped but just emphasised how badly he has handled the Gulf oil spill. His daughter by just asking the question has more true concern about the spill then her dad has had, "since day one."

During the press conference Obama says he takes responsibility for the, "mistakes," that have been made but then proceeded to continue the blame game over why the spill happened and the inaction of the federal government. But he had time to visit with the Duke basketball team and plan a weekend vacation to Chicago for golf and R & R. Oh yeah, he is stopping by the Gulf on his way to ,"asses," what is being done.

If Obama were as concerned about this disaster as he claims then by just a simple executive order he could have had the federal response moving in full force long ago. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been begging for assistance in keeping the oil off of his states shores. Calling for sand berms to be made by the Corps of Engineers to stop the oil, but approval has been delayed in order to get an environmental impact statement.

With a stroke of his pen Obama could temporarily suspend the impact statement mandate and get the berm made. But he is too political to do this simple task. With another stroke of his pen Obama could have every piece of equipment necessary in the the Gulf as well as boats and manpower but Obama is too political to do this simple task. So Governor Jindal has taken the ball and run with it commandeering boats and anything else he can find to try and get the job done.

Obama can claim that everything that can be done is being done but the evidence shows this to be nothing more that his usual political rhetoric and a blatant lie. When the oil could have been burned off immediately after the spill began the burning lasted only 28 minutes until enviro nuts complained about the smoke and rather than allowing it to continue in order to stop the spill from spreading, Obama allowed the burning to stop because he was more concerned about the political problems the enviro nuts who support him would cause than the people in the Gulf who are being affected by the spill.

At every turn the hands of BP have been tied by government regulation even the fact that this well is in 5,000 feet of water rather than closer to shore. With a stroke of his pen Obama could suspend any regulation temporarily in order to free BP's hands to do whatever is needed to stop and control this disaster. But Obama is more concerned about keeping his enviro allies happy than the environment in the Gulf and the people whose livelihood is being affected by the spill.

So if in fact Obama's daughter actually asked the question, "daddy did you plug the hole," or it was just another political game played by Obama, either way Obama's daughter or the idea that she would ask this question shows that her concern about the Gulf disaster is greater than her father's who is only concerned about politics and placating to the enviro extremes that support him. This is his and their excuse to end drilling in the Gulf which has been their goal and wish from the beginning.

Ken Taylor


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