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Thursday, May 20, 2010


On June 7, Barack Obama will be visiting Kalamazoo, Michigan to deliver the commencement speech for graduation ceremonies at Kalamazoo Central High School. The school won a national competition by presenting a video to bring Obama to their commencement. While this sounds all well and good, the requirements for the visit show the true hypocrisy in relation to the Arizona illegal immigration law that Obama has accused of causing racial profiling among other false accusations.

The students are being required to present the following information to the Secret Service for a background check in order to shake the hand of the President at the commencement. They are required to give their social security number, birth date and CITIZENSHIP STATUS ! Yes, you read correctly each student is required to give their citizenship status in order to shake hands with Barack Obama.

The spin on this is that it is a normal requirement for anyone coming within an arms length of the President. So has everyone who attended the staged Obama town halls been required to present citizenship status ? Those invited to state dinners since Obama entered the White House, have they been required to present citizenship status ? I doubt it for if you will remember the two who crashed the state dinner last year who were not even on the invitation list.

I have attended Presidential events before and have been invited to shake hands with the President and my citizenship status was never necessary. In 1988 President Ronald Reagan traveled to Raleigh, NC as a campaign stop for the re-election of Senator Jesse Helms. Not only was I in attendance but was invited back stage to shake hands with the President. The only thing I was required to present was my ID, (drivers license), upon entering the building.

Now you may think that by showing my license I was also showing my proof of citizenship. While to an extent this is true the questionnaire that every student attending the Kalamazoo commencement who will shake hands with Obama asked specifically whether the student is a citizen or not. This goes well beyond presenting a drivers license.

This requirement in order to shake hands with Obama hypocritically contrasts the stand that Obama is taking on the Arizona illegal immigration law which requires anyone who is in the presence of law enforcement for another reason like for instance a speeding ticket to present proof of citizenship ONLY if asked AFTER being pulled over for another reason. Obama considers this racial profiling yet he has no problem asking the citizenship status of high school students who will shake his hand at their commencement.

Is this just one more example of the Obama double standard ? I consider it not only a double standard but total hypocrisy in light of his stance against the Arizona immigration law. According to Obama asking citizenship status to stem the flood of illegal immigration is wrong and as Obama puts it, unconstitutional, but asking the same status proof for high school students at a commencement is normal in order to shake the arrogant hand of the hypocrite. Where is the lefts and media outcry for this, "profiling."

Ken Taylor


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