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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since the moment that the news broke about the oil platform burning in the Gulf of Mexico the blame game for who is at fault began and as the oil continues to spew from the cracked lines at the bottom of the Gulf the blame game intensifies. Barack Obama and members of his administration ranging from DHS Secretary Janet Napalitano to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have been demonizing BP for their lack of ability in stopping the leak, yet no one in the administration is taking ANY responsibility for the slow federal response and the continued foot dragging that is taking place.

While BP holds the ultimate responsibility for clean up and paying for the mess the Obama administration is doing nothing more than finding a camera and slamming BP for the oil spill. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has requested assistance from the Corps of Engineers to build what would be a sand wall that would stop the oil spreading from the islands belonging to the state and progressing to the actual LA shore line and the Mississippi Delta.

The Corps of Engineers are waiting for an environmental impact statement for the construction of the sand wall which is delaying any response at all for this necessary stop gap to prevent the oil from hitting the shore line. Obama can bypass the impact statement with a Presidential order temporarily suspending the impact law, but has shown no desire to do so.

This delay brings me to a question that has been on my mind since this oil disaster began. While everyone from the President to the CEO of BP are playing the blame game, who is placing the blame on the true perpetrators that caused this to be a problem in the first place? I refer to the enviro nuts whose lobbying forced oil drilling into areas that are difficult if not impossible to control in a case like the Gulf oil spill.

It is because of the enviro nuts that BP was forced to drill for oil at a depth of 5,000 feet instead of depths much closer to shore where plugging a break would be a quick and a relatively simple task compared to the monster BP is trying to plug. Plugging a break at, say 100 feet is a quick fix as compared to having to try and plug one at 5,000 feet.

The enviro nuts through their lobbying of Democrats over the last 40 years have forced regulations that have made oil companies search for oil and drill further and further out in the Gulf. Also the same enviro nuts have forced drilling on shore to become almost non existent. This despite the fact that there are many areas where the oil supply just below the top surface of the Earth is so vast that several locations have more oil available than all of the Saudi oil fields.

In fact the pressure at some of these sites is so high that oil is seeping to the surface and can be quickly and easily tapped. But environmental regulations forced over the years through Democrats by enviro nuts prevents drilling in the areas where the oil is available on the Continental United States and Alaska.

So while the blame game is taking place as to who is ultimately responsible for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a large amount of the blame must be shouldered by the enviro nuts and the forced regulations legislated by Democrats that prevented oil which is much more accessible to be tapped whether on land or in shallow waters of the Gulf.

Ken Taylor


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