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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


While the latest terrorist attack involved a naturalized American citizen who does have the privilege of Constitutional rights even though because of his terrorist ties in Pakistan his citizenship application which was only accepted in April of 2009 was obviously not well investigated, the weakening of our ability to interrogate these Islamic fanatics has allowed an increase in attempts and attacks as this weakness is taken advantage of.

The Obama administration has returned us to September 10, 2001 and we are waiting for our next 9/11. Even after the terrorist was identified and his name placed immediately on the no fly list with an FBI tail, he was let past TSA security and allowed to board a plane bound for Dubai and ONLY after the FBI arrived at the airport was the plane called back to the gate in order to arrest this Islamic terrorist who nearly got away.

So now regardless of what information terrorists may have the Obama administration believes that every enemy of our country is a criminal and therefore should be Mirandized immediately thus allowing them to clam up and use ACLU type lawyers and as a result necessary information which has in the past under George Bush stopped attacks from taking place is lost forever. The Christmas Day bomber who WAS NOT a citizen, was Mirandized within the first hour after his arrest.

While the well known Miranda Rights speech is likely used to allow these enemies of our country a free ride and a politically correct path to possible dismissal of charges or acquittal by a liberal judge who believes that terrorists are just misunderstood freedom fighters, what our enemies actually hear and understand when Mirandized or any of the fellow Islamic terrorists are Mirandized is the following:

"You have the right to remain silent. In fact we actually encourage your silence so that our true weakness cannot be exploited by your associates who we have not had a chance to call a criminal. We do not consider ourselves at war with you anymore so we will seek to protect you from our evil country and try to understand why you hate us realizing that it is all our fault that you do.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, but of course because we believe that you are only misunderstood and your actions justified so we will allow our courts to be a public forum for you to express your grievances against our country to the world and as a means of possibly recruiting others who believe like you.

You have the right to an attorney which we will provide for you free of charge but actually paid for by the American people that you hate so we will consider this paid service a penance by evil Americans for your suffering because of our imperialistic actions.

We promise that your ties to Islam will never be mentioned and that at every opportunity we will attempt to tie your actions to right wing extremists in our own country who disagree with the President and who we believe are really the enemies of America.

Do you understand these rights that have been read to you? If not it does not matter because we will make sure that you are comfortable in our care and at every opportunity we will make sure that our news agencies are made aware of just how well we treat you and that we consider you to be just an individual who is troubled by personal problems and that your religious beliefs had nothing to do with what you are so wrongly accused of."

One has to wonder whether the greatest danger comes from the Islamic fanatics that are trying to kill Americans and destroy our way of life or the PC of the Obama administration which allows enemies the same rights as we Americans who they are trying to kill and stopping every safe guard which has protected our Nation since 9/11.

Ken Taylor


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