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Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Pope's recent visit to The United States has highlighted a very telling problem in American society especially a problem that exists with our elected officials in Washington. The Pope made it very clear that he not only highly respects America but admires who we are and what we stand for as a Nation and as a people. In fact the Pope sounded more patriotic about The United States than many who claim to serve this nation as Representatives of the people.

The 2008 Presidential campaign has presented a candidate who believes that wearing a flag pin or saluting our flag is not an act of love of country but a sign that one supports the war ONLY and not respect for Old Glory and the Nation it represents, which is what it should be. This campaign has presented a prospective First Lady who has only been proud of her country once in her life and that ONLY because her husband is running for President.

This campaign has presented candidates who can only condemn America and have yet to lift her up with pride and respect through love for our country. Rather we hear only how terrible we are and how bad it is to exist in America. We have been made to feel that it is fanatical to express our love for our flag, our country and even to ask that God bless this Nation because we have the gaul to invoke the Name of God in reference to America.

Daily we hear from our National Representatives that America has created or worsens the problems that exist through out the World. We hear those in whom we as a people have placed in office talk of how America should bow to the United Nations and instead of leading the World take a second seat to European countries who have accomplished far less than we. Nations whose histories expand hundreds of centuries as compared to America's few.

No longer do we hear of the greatness of America. No longer do we hear of the exceptional freedoms that we and we alone have. No longer do those who claim to represent us tell of the beauty of our land or the liberties that we each share that are found nowhere else in the World.

One of the many aspects of Ronald Reagan that made him so popular was that in a time when we as a Nation felt that our best days were behind us and were even being told by then President Jimmy Carter that we must learn to accept that The United States was no longer great and that we as her people must accept a lesser way of life, President Reagan reminded us that not only were our best days ahead of us but that we were still not only a great Nation but the one true hope of liberty in this World.

Reagan made us proud to be Americans again and he not only expressed his personal love of this land but was proud to show that love through respect for our flag and in every opportunity he had to represent this Nation whether on the Beaches of Normandy, at the Berlin Wall, the Kremlin in Russia or right hear at home on television or any public appearance he made.

So we are now twenty years past the final year of Reagan's Presidency and love of country, expressions of patriotism and talk of the greatness of America is not only politically incorrect but actually looked down upon by many as fanatical and hokey.

What is wrong with talking and yes even bragging of America's greatness ? When one talks of the wonder of our Nation or the tremendous accomplishments that we have made and the liberties that we have, accusations of American ,"arrogance, " are made. Why is it wrong in wearing a flag pin on our clothing as a symbol of our pride in our nation ? Why is it wrong to wave the flag or sing," God Bless America, " with a tear on our cheek because we love our country and want the best for her ?

What is wrong with showing button popping pride in who we are and the freedoms that we alone have ? What is wrong with expressing our love for our country and celebrating her greatness EVERYDAY of the year and not JUST on the Fourth of July when even the politicians who condemn this Nation set aside twenty four hours to celebrate and then continue the condemnation on the fifth.

Why does it take a National tragedy to bring out our patriotism and our flag waving ? What is it wrong with walking up to one of our brave men and women in the military and thanking them for serving our country. I do this all the time and am looked upon as strange by those who over hear my expression of thanks. But the best and the bravest are grateful for my gratitude and that is what counts.

Well this American and many others who feel as I do say it is time to express the pride again of our Nation. WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY and I for one am tired of hearing how bad we are and that we are the cause of the World's trouble. When in actuality the World would crumble under its own garbage were it not for the generosity of our people the aid from our Government which come FROM our people and the willingness of our brave men and women in uniform to journey to foreign lands to defend liberty both for The United States and the people in whose country they find themselves in.

It is time to sing with great enthusiasm our National Anthem with our hand over our heart or a salute to our forehead. It is time to sing with great enthusiasm ,"God Bless America, " because He has and we as a Nation wish His greatest blessings on this land we love. It is time to say to those who represent us and who wish to be our next President, "stop condemning our Nation and stand with our flag and our people for once!"

If that pride and love of Country is arrogant then I am PROUD to be an arrogant flag waving American who knows that THIS IS the greatest Nation that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. This IS the leader of the World and were we not the World and the countries that make up this planet would be in a far worse position than they claim to be now BECAUSE America has provided a better opportunity as well as the means to better their lot in life.

We have extended the branch of liberty and freedom to countries who otherwise would never know what it is like to be free. We are the hope of liberty for this World. The light of liberty that shines in New York Harbor in the hand of that lovely Lady who looks out upon the World still begins in America. We are as President Reagan said, "the shining city on the hill." We are the United States of America, an exceptional and great Nation.

If that is arrogant then GOOD. I will BE arrogant in my love for this land and my flag waving and my daily celebration of our liberties and proud of who we are and what we have accomplished and dare anyone to try and tell me otherwise. It is those who condemn this Nation who should be condemned! It is those who refuse to see how truly exceptional that we are that are incorrect!

"God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above! From the Mountains to the Prairies to the Oceans white with foam. God Bless America my home sweet home. God Bless America my home sweet home! "

Ken Taylor


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Nice post, Ken. It compliments my own thoughts, today.

8:52 PM, April 27, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

I love this post, Ken, and you're absolutely right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving this great country, there is only something wrong with those who would tear it down. We fly a flag high on a tall flagpole in our front yard every day. I also wear the flag lapel pin that Obama refuses to wear and I'm proud of it. I hope no one ever verbally objects to my doing so, or they'll get a piece of my mind they'd rather do without!

11:02 AM, April 28, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

I'm not familiar with the USA-hating insurgents who mock you for thanking the troops and who you seem to think are trying to tear the country down. Your neck of the woods must be one scary place to live.

I love America as much anyone else. I don't doubt that my conservative friends love the country, but unlike some of them, I am not threatened by new ideas and intellectually different perspectives on how to move forward. As a society we always have to progress and change.

Gayle, I have NEVER heard anyone "object" to a person's right to wear a flag lapel pin. But you clearly seem to object to Obama not wearing one. What difference does it make? Obama supports the new GI bill of rights - McCain doesn't. That is about as stark a difference in support for our troops as you can find. It is also clearly more meaningful than whether he wears a 10 cent flag pin on his suit.

11:22 AM, April 28, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Excellent Post Ken,

Just call me one arrogant B****!

I believe America's best day's are in front of her and not behind like the Liberals like to believe.

3:22 PM, April 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I find comical Ken, is that so many people complain about our country but risk their lives everyday trying to get in. I love this country and everything it represents. It is sad that there are people who put politics before being patriotic.

I am not threatened by change in the least. I am threatened by those that "Damn America" and those that suppport him and his views!! Great post Ken!!

11:35 PM, April 28, 2008  
Blogger American said...

An inspirational post containing some rousing lines, “no longer do we hear of the greatness of America … No longer do we hear of the exceptional freedoms that we and we alone have. No longer do those who claim to represent us tell of the beauty of our land or the liberties that we each share … Just one terrific line, indeed I could extract many others.

Unfortunately many just don’t get it and that’s why it becomes important that the likes of you spread the word from within, and the likes of me from abroad.

btw: We are serving cake over at AI, saved you some, hope to see you there…

7:03 AM, April 29, 2008  
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