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Sunday, April 20, 2008


He has mesmerized audiences with his words of, "hope and change." Women have fainted as he speaks. The media have crowned him as the Democrat nominee though the count is not complete. Liberals have embraced him as a rock star.

Yet what does anyone know about the Senator from Illinois who is running for the highest office in this land and the most powerful position in the world ? Not much ! In the last few weeks controversy about his associations have surfaced. He has shown traits that have brought into question his patriotism and love of country. His wife has made statements that question the same and excerpts from his own writings show racism. His own words while campaigning reveal an elitist character that offends a large segment of Americans.

Now even the media who have been his aid and friend are beginning to ask questions about Barack Obama and the liberal Democrat candidate does not like it. In fact after the Democrat debate which aired last Wednesday this candidate who before had been given a free pass complained about his treatment during the debate because ABC News moderators asked hard questions about his association, his racists and elitist statements and his unwillingness to show allegiance to the flag.

His complaint concerned the first 45 minutes of the debate when this questioning took place and that the , "issues, " that concern the American people were not covered during that time. Well Mr. Obama I have news for you. The American people TAKE issue with your statements, your associations and your unwillingness to show allegiance to our country and our flag.

You ARE the issue and we have a right to know what a candidate who is wanting to become our President believes, thinks and feels about our country, our morals and whether or not those in whom they associate themselves with will have an adverse influence on the person we choose to lead this Nation.

We as a people expect our President to place their hand over their heart and say the pledge to our flag. We expect our President to express to the world on our behalf our love for our country and our allegiance to the same. We expect our President to look at all Americans in the same way and not look down their nose in an elitist way to any segment of our Nation because of their religious beliefs or their Second Amendment right to own a gun.

We expect our President to associate themselves with people who stand true to this Nation and when an association of twenty years would rather, "damn, " our country then , "bless, " her we take exception to that and expect answers. When we find that an associate brags about terrorist attacks on this Nation we demand answers as to why that person is still considered a friend.

When we see someone wanting to lead this Country as President refuse to pledge the flag or wear a pin on his lapel that symbolizes that flag and complain about those who do we question as a people whether that person represents our values as we expect our President to do.

When a candidates wife claims that because her husband is running for President she is proud of our Country for the first time in her life we wonder why and whether we want her as our First Lady. When writings are revealed from books written by a candidate that show racists statements, even from earlier in that candidates life, we the American people want to know why!

We have a right to question the judgment of a candidate who remains in a church for twenty years and only AFTER the doctrine of that church and the preaching of that churches pastor are revealed in a Presidential campaign and then only AFTER the heat concerning the association is on that candidate claims he did not know the doctrine or remember what the preacher said.

So Senator Obama you complain that the American people are not hearing the issues covered in this campaign ? Well then start answering the questions that we take issue with. Explain to us why you associate with racists and terrorists. Explain to us why you won't pledge our flag. Explain to us why you look down on small town Americans. Then explain to us why you cannot deal except in generalities with the very issues that YOU think should be talked about and then we might listen.

We expect answers for the issues and your complaining because you are questioned by the media that has treated you with kid gloves until recently and still gives you a free pass in most cases just does not hold water. If you think that it is tough now wait until the fall and more Americans are watching the Presidential race and wanting answer both about your character and the issues you claim you stand so strong for. If you avoid those questions now you will be destroyed by them then.

Because Senator we take issue with you and we expect and demand answers to those questions and how you really stand. Mesmerizing speeches and general statements amount to nothing when we look for a President. Character, love of Country, fairness for ALL Americans and associations with people who pray God's blessing on our Nation and look at our flag with respect for what it stands for and those who have given their life defending that flag and the nation it represents, those Mr. Obama are what we look for in our President and you have not shown those qualities or qualifications!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Tom said...

Obama needs to realize that a candidate's character is an issue, and that is of interest to the American public.

9:05 PM, April 20, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Yep, I guess McCain's known affair doesn't matter. The good Reverend John Hagee's (his spiritual advisor) comments about Jews and Catholics don't really matter. His admitted prior use of prostitutes, while in the Navy doesn't matter.

I could go on about his transgressions as a member of the Keating 5, the ethical lapse related to taking money from the wealthiest Hispanics in the country and then supporting amnesty, or his flip flops on major issues like the Bush tax cuts, but what is the point? He clearly has demonstrated no real base of convictions other than he wants to get elected and will say whatever he has to. I am simply amazed by how quickly so-called conservatives have cozied up to this guy.

My personal favorite is the way he found God. You gotta love a guy who grew up an Episcopalian, but who successfully went God-shopping to try to build credibility with the Republican base. He now claims to be a Baptist (right!). The amazing thing is that it seems to have worked.

The moral high ground that you think he has just doesn't exist and it will all come out in the general election. On top of that, McCain doesn't understand economics (he explicitly said it), and he has the ridiculously foolish position that we should stay in Iraq indefinitely - a position that is at odds with an overwhelming (and growing) majority of the American people.

Get used to it - "President Barack H. Obama".

12:36 AM, April 21, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Excellent Post Ken,

All the candidates need to be vetted before taking office.

But this guy is a real piece of work.

His Terrorist ties, the Pastor filled with Hate Speech, cant you see if Obama was President at the end of his Inagural address, he's gonna say "Kill Whitey" LOL

We cant put up with the Nation Of Islam, The Black Panthers, Jesse and Al, oh NO!

Oh by the way, Hamas endorsed Obama, now Obama really has to go!

1:32 PM, April 21, 2008  
Blogger American said...

Obama remains connected to some questionable characters... Not just the pastor but also the likes of Ayers the Weather Underground guy. Was it Carter that told Hamas to endorse Obama?

11:34 PM, April 21, 2008  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Usually you make some sense to me, even if I disagree. This time around, you sound blindly partisan.

he has the ridiculously foolish position that we should stay in Iraq indefinitely

Don't tell me you are also spinning the "100 Years" comment. Did you watch the entire exchange?

If not:
(Link to NYTimes).

Also, You can also check the link for the "I know less about economics" quote.

flip flops on major issues like the Bush tax cuts

Kevin Stach of the Wall Street Journal:

In 2001, with the bitter primary battle still fresh, Mr. McCain voted against the final Bush tax-cut package. Why would he deviate from a pro-growth, tax-cutting position, built up over 17 years in Congress and dozens of votes, even after running on a tax-cut plan himself in 2000?

Mr. McCain's protest that he wanted spending cuts to accompany the Bush tax cuts has persuaded few conservatives. But what is not remembered is that, two weeks earlier, Mr. McCain voted to approve the final version of the Budget Resolution -- the blueprint used by congressional committees for spending and tax bills -- which included $1.35 trillion in tax cuts (the Bush proposal) coupled with a $661 billion cap on discretionary spending. When the promised spending cap never materialized, Mr. McCain denounced the wasteful earmarks and pork-barrel spending that he felt jeopardized the budget, and lodged the now famous protest vote against the tax cuts.

I am simply amazed by how quickly so-called conservatives have cozied up to this guy.

Oh, please. I was never afflicted with McCain Derangement Syndrome; neither was he my first or second choice.

But the choice now is go with the candidate who I agree with 65%-83% of the time, or go with one of the two candidates with whom I agree 8% to zero % of the time.

Those are the choices.

12:45 AM, April 22, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...


1. The 100-year comment is unrelated to what I wrote. McCain will stay in Iraq and Obama (who will be the nominee) will re-deploy the troops out of Iraq. Our involvement in Iraq is highly unpopular. Unless I am mistaken, McCain's position is that we will stay in Iraq indefinitely. If you can show me where he gave some indication for when we will leave, please let me know so I can be better informed.

2. Kevin Stach is not part of the Wall Street Journal. He is a Republican speech writer who wrote an opinion piece that you are citing.

If you want to actually understand McCain's economic record - as reported by the Wall Street Journal - read Stephen Moore's piece. Moore is a member of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board.

3. I have no idea what your point is about his economic literacy. He has repeatedly admitted that he does not know as much as he should about economics. Do you actually believe that he knows a lot about economics and the economy, or can we stipulate to the fact that he doesn't?

4. Great - I'm glad you support McCain. Ken called into question Obama's morals and decisionmaking with his post. I am simply pointing out that McCain is not pure and in fact has plenty of baggage that will come out in the general election campaign.

10:43 AM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

Rob, I don't know if you've ever been in the military, but guess what?

Young guys in the service during the decades in which McCain served used to party.

When I was in Panama and Acapulco back then and a few other places during my service time, everyone from captains on down had fun at places like El Roko Azul and La Huerta.

We're talking 30+ years ago.

Why didn't you folks have any criticism of Bill Clinton's "I smoked pot but I didn't inhale" statements, or his brother's admission that he used cocaine back in the day (ie "my brother's nose is like a vacuum"?)

Yet you now, decades later, are willing to criticize a young serviceman, three decades or so ago, for screwing a prostitute.

And here you are, a liberal.

Live with it, you're grasping at straws.

I know, I know, for some reason Clinton's budget surplus will be suddenly relevant here...

5:24 AM, April 23, 2008  
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