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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have been writing for the past several months that though behind in the delegate count I believed that Hillary Clinton would still secure the nomination for the Democrats this year. Then I also did not anitcipate that SHE would become her own worst enemy. The woman who feels that she is destined to become President as her so called husband before her is piloting her own campaign into the ground.

While I still believe to a point the she will try to force this fight all the way to the Convention in August, Hillary is daily cutting her own political throat with Democrats and lessening her chances of gaining the nomination every moment she is out on the campaign trail.

Much of her downfall is media generated as the press who used to call the Clinton's buddies and for years she and Bubba have been the liberal media darlings have abandoned her. It has become obvious that the liberal press has crowned Barack Obama as their candidate and nothing Hillary does will return her to the media darling seat she once held.

But the proverbial political liar has also cooked her own goose in many respects through stupid blunders that have not only cost her support from the press but also plummeted her in the eyes of voters. Her out right lie concerning her trip to Bosnia and claiming she was under sniper fire took her from a double digit lead in Pennsylvania to a five to six point lead today.

Now she has been caught it yet another lie concerning her pet project Universal Health Care. In an attempt to show the voting public how badly this Nation needs universal care, ( which we conservatives know will destroy the medical community and add huge government entitlements), Hillary has been telling a story about a pregnant women who was denied health care from an Ohio hospital and later died as a result. Clinton stated that she was denied because she was a minimum wage earner who did not have $ 100.00 to pay before admission and thus denied hospital care.

The bogus story has been denied by the hospital which not only admitted the women but treated her. Clinton then pulled this story from her woeful health care pleas during her campaign stops. What makes this and the Bosnia incident so damaging to her is that fact that neither lie can be placed on a staffer who related the story or scripted it for her.

She personally experienced the Bosnia fiasco and the health care story was directly related to her by a health care worker and of course she never attempted to verify the story just used it to tout her health care plan because it sounded good and played well to an audience.

All of which once again questions her integrity, her ability to be truthful with anyone especially the American people and also her ability to handle any responsibility without resorting to a lie to either enhance her stance or, "experience, " or to portray something to the public in a straight forward manner without bogus exaggerations and lies.

Additionally this week Mark Penn a key campaign strategist was reassigned because as CEO of Burson-Marstellar he negotiated a free trade agreement with Columbia which infuriated Hillary as it is a political position she opposes. At first he was announced as fired but later it was reveled that he will remain as a polling and research advisor.

The virtual collapse of her campaign accompanied by the endless lies that the candidate is finding herself caught in has taken the once anointed nominee to the status of a weakening second who is struggling for her political life against a candidate who has become a rock star that speaks in generalities but has the ability to mesmerize a crowd.

I still believe that the idea that she is destined to the Presidency will not allow her to admit defeat nor will it take her out of the race before the Convention which she believes will help her as the Super Delegates are counted. That is unless she falls to defeat in Pennsylvania, then she just may reconsider. If though she does pull Pennsylvania out of her hat she will stay but her chances of gaining the nomination even at the Convention are dwindling each day. Her own lack of integrity and out right willingness to do and say anything even lie her way to the nomination have become Hillary Clinton's own worst enemy!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I was hoping to keep Hillary in there longer to keep the mess going lol

I wasnt expecting her to nose dive so fast, but I think she truly only has a couple weeks to go.

5:15 PM, April 08, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

She has defined herself as what she is: a pathological liar who relates experiences that are easily debunked (hell, Chelsea herself shot down the WTC lie, so much for Mom's account!)

I've long thought of Bill & Hill as a couple of narcissistic hippies clothed in "respectable" attire.

I've also read of Hillary being pretty much a self centered, foul mouthed b--ch when out of range of press mics.

I'm pretty sure she'll lose handily to Hussein Obama when the Dems finally do the nomination thing, and while I have no brief for Obama, Hillary (and the Clinton brand in general) needs to be evicted from U.S. politics ASAP.

7:50 PM, April 08, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Like I have been saying, this is not going to the convention.

It is looking more and more like I have been right all along.

By the way Seth, Obama's first name is "Barack." Somehow you keep getting it wrong.

9:30 PM, April 08, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

Sorry, the best I can do is make the mutt sound a little more distinguished:

B. Hussein Obama. :-)

...or Islamopornographic:

"The Story of Barack Hussein O".

10:49 AM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

President Barack H. Obama.

Get used to it.

8:51 AM, April 10, 2008  
Blogger Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I once again have to say what I have been saying for ten years. Hillary Clinton is unelectable as President of the US. I jsut didn't know the wouldn't get the dem nomination.

At this point, McCain is in the driver's seat and will have to goof it up to lose. His one weakness at the moment is money, and that can be the deciding factor.

I don't think Obama becomes Prez either.

10:07 AM, April 14, 2008  
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