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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hillary Clinton has won the Pennsylvania Primary. No big surprise. In fact if she had not won even Barack Obama would have been surprised. Her margin of victory was barely double digits at ten and it only garnered her 66 delegates to Obama's 57 with 35 still remaining to be pledged. So this win only whittled Obama's lead by 9 and possibly 44 if she gains the 35 remaining.

So has this win in Pennsylvania helped Hillary to inch closer to taking the Democrat nod ? If you just look at the numbers, no. But Pennsylvania revealed a weakness in Obama that had not been as evident before. He out spent Hillary by almost 3 to 1 in a State where his politics should have played well with Democrats. Also exit polls indicate that a large number of Democrats who voted for Hillary said they would NOT vote for Obama and would either sit out the election with even more saying they would vote for GOP nominee John McCain.

The number of Obama supporters who would either sit it out or vote for McCain was much smaller than those supporting Clinton. Obama also lost significantly with the labor union members and other working class people, women and senior citizens. Each a strong constituency needed by Democrats in a General Election.

So while the win did not help Clinton much in the delegate count it has revealed once again that Obama cannot deliver the big States and many of the core voters that favor Democrat candidates.

Another interesting set of numbers that found their way into the news concerns the liberal icon State of Massachusetts. The home of Teddy K. and Mr Heinz, John Kerry. In a head to head match up between McCain and Obama in this liberal strong hold McCain actually LEADS by two points. While this is in the margin of error it is unheard of in such a liberal State. In the same match up with Hillary and McCain, Clinton leads by more than 30 points.

The fact that Obama is behind McCain in a liberal State like Massachusetts and lost as he did in Pennsylvania despite out spending Clinton by such a large margin will raise questions again about his electability in the fall against McCain.

Add to this the distinct probability that the Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated at the Convention giving Clinton a huge boost in the popular vote delegate count and this race for the Democrat nod is far from over. One other aspect that has crept into the mix is that National polling over the last few days has Hillary AHEAD of Obama for the first time since early this year.

If Pennsylvania were the only factor being considered in the Democrat free for all then Tuesday's win for Hillary would not amount to anything. But combining the win with National polling and the surprising numbers from Massachusetts and the proverbial liar and, "sniper dodging, " Senator from New York is not only still in the race but has good reason to stick it our until the Convention. The implosion will continue!!!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

I think they rushed Obama to rock star status to fast before finding out all there is to know about this man.

He is now losing his appeal and Hillary is picking up steam.

However I dont think Hillary will win, and we are secured at least a few more weeks of misery in the Democrat party lol.

3:08 PM, April 23, 2008  
Anonymous Vicky T. said...

Great post!

If interested, leave your thoughts on Gloria Feldt's post regarding Hillary's win in Pennsylvania.

9:16 PM, April 23, 2008  
Blogger Mike's America said...

And Hillary scooped up nearly 215,000 votes which means (depending on whether you count Florida or Michigan) that she is either almost tied or ahead of Obama in popular vote.

11:47 PM, April 26, 2008  
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