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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today can be classified in the annals of United States History as a liberal feast. On the political stage Hillary and Obama are fighting it out in Pennsylvania for the Democrat nomination. On the environmental stage the whacos are using what should be a day to embrace the wonders of our planet into a political love fest for liberal environmental causes like Global Warming, (excuse me the PC phrase now is , "Climate Change").

On the Hollywierd stage Michael Moore endorses Barack Obama. Now that my friends is a liberal pairing that tops any to this point! So today is a liberal feast for those who cling to ideology from the left as liberalism takes center stage in the news and in world , "celebration, " for Earth Day.

First the Pennsylvania Primary. This is being called the make or break for Hillary and in many respects it is. She will win but the margin of that win will determine whether she has an even remote chance of getting the nomination. Now of course to her a win today is a win and it is just one more reason why she is destined, "in her mind, " to be President. If she wins by only a few percentage points she will cry that, "the people of Pennsylvania have made it clear that I am the choice for President." When in reality a few points only buys her a little time and a few dollars in her campaign chest that right now is filled with cobwebs.

But whether by a few points or a double digit win Hillary will not disappear any time soon. She will use a Pennsylvania win, another ,"big State, " as a means of trying to strong arm the remaining Super Delegates into backing her claiming that Obama can't deliver the big States needed in a General Election and she can. Which is not completely false since she HAS won every Democrat contest in the big States like California, New York , Texas, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and now Pennsylvania will be added to that mix.

Though Obama is the likely nominee Hillary will not give up without dragging this thing on longer because she cannot accept that her destiny is crumbling beneath her and her own mouth and lies have become her downfall. That and the antics of her Bubba! Which of course will further erode support in Democrat circles and continue the implosion that has been chronicled by Rush Limbaugh's, "Operation Chaos." A chaotic experience that I might ad would have happened even if Rush had not started his daily spotlight. The Dems have done this baby of their own accord and Rush has just added fuel to the out of control fire!

Now on to Earth Day 2008. While celebrating our wondrous planet is a good thing, the direction that this celebration takes is yet another. Celebrating our Earth should be a daily observation made by each of us. This beautiful Planet that we inhabit is filled with wonder and amazement and each of us should cherish and do our part to protect it everyday and having a celebration about our beautiful world is great.

BUT, that is NOT what Earth Day is. This is a day that rather than a celebration of the glories of our world has become a political platform for every leftist environmental cause on the face of our planet. Climate Change, (formally known as Global Warming), has taken center stage during this , "celebration," though the theory is being debunked on almost a daily basis by scientists whose credibility far out shines the whacos like Al Gore who use , "Climate Change, " as a political platform to scare people and raise large amounts of money to further their campaign and NOT protect the planet.

Around the World gatherings are taking place that look more like a throw back to Woodstock and the hippie protests of the sixties than a gathering of sane people celebrating the beauty of our planet! Even the Weather Channel under the watchful, liberal and condemning eye of , "Dr. Heidi Cullen, " the Weather Channels, "climate expert, " is offering an all day feature which was preceded by daily featuretts, that are designed to make anyone who doesn't abide by a , " green, " life style feel guilty and in danger of spending eternity in enviro whaco hell if they don't follow the good doctors advice.

This , "Doctor, " by the way is the same whaco that is calling for every Meteorologist who does not buy into man made Global Warming to have their credentials revoked and removed as a member of the AMS, (American Meteorological Society).

Last and least in Hollywierd Michael Moore has endorsed Barack Obama. For any of you who have not found thousands of other reasons to not support Obama ranging from his inexperience, his Marxist ideas and racists statements and those of like ideals that he associates with, the fact that proverbial liberal whaco Michael Moore has endorsed him should be more than enough to know that Obama IS NOT the candidate for the White House.

So those of us who are not of the left persuasion must bite our tongues and hold our breath for today as the liberal feast makes its way though until tomorrow brings back the normal insanity that we see each day in our headlines and happenings throughout the world. I don't know about you but as for me, I'm going to pull out the John Wayne DVD's and grab me some popcorn and watch the Duke, a great American, take on the the bad guys, the, "Japs, " and tangle with Maureen O'Hara in the," Quiet Man, " and, " McLintock, " while the Libs spend the day dancing in the streets!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Operation Chaos!!!

1:48 PM, April 22, 2008  
Blogger Winston said...

Ken: Thanks for blogging over on Red State regarding my electoral vote analysis (at I'm keeping it updated, but your analysis was dead on in understanding what I'm showing. And, while I'm conservative, I'm using straight numbers on this thing to eliminate bias.

I still have McCain winning outright over Obama, and leading Clinton substantially.

2:37 PM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

Ken, I kind of like this drawn out Democrat primary campaign, because the Dems are allowing their own candidates to weed out one anothers' skeletons and shortcomings by doing so, and by the time they're done tearing one another new ones, John McCain will have nothing but smooth flagstones to walk upon while he challenges the Democrat winner in the course of debate.

I've thought from the beginning that the Democrats have screwed up by placing the choice of a woman vs a black guy as their primary candidates... I have no prejudice here, what I mean is that they are running two "firsts" against each other, both of whom are understandably using their status as "firsts" as primary weapons.

Then there's the general election to consider -- either candidate as a nominee will already bear the wounds inflicted by his/her same party competitor, and once debating McCain will get a hind-quarters whipping that will be reflected at the polls in November.

It's great to see the Democrats campaigning for the Republican nominee before they even have one of their own. :-)

5:04 AM, April 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can "celebrate the wonders of this beautiful planet" all you want, but if you don't do something about the people (corporations) that despoil the environment (which is what those "whacko" environmentalists do), then it won't be long until you or your child have very little left to celebrate. It's a known fact that every single major ecosystem on this planet is in decline, and yet you condemn those that are acting to try to correct this. It makes no sense, and is shameful.

1:09 PM, April 23, 2008  
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