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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thirty years ago on March 30, 1981 the Nation was shocked to hear that President Ronald Reagan had been shot while leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel on 69 days into his Presidency. The lone assassin John Hinkley Jr. was later found to be mentally unstable as the assassination attempt was to get the attention of Actress Jodie Foster who he had a crush on.

Severely wounded in the attempt was Reagan Press Secretary James Brady, DC police officer Thomas Delahanty and Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy. The shot that hit Reagan ricocheted off the Presidential Limousine and entered the President on the left side just under his uplifted arm. The bullet hit a rib and lodged only an inch away from his heart.

President Reagan was pushed into the Limo by Secret Service Agent Jerry Parr and both thought that he had broken one of Reagan's ribs, not realizing that the President had been shot. Had it not been for the quick reaction of Parr, President Reagan would likely have been shot in the head which would have also likely been a fatal wound.

Upon arriving at the hospital Reagan collapsed and was rushed into emergency surgery where they found he had been shot and his wound was severe. Because of the loss of blood and the proximity of the bullet to his heart the President nearly died but as the doctors would later report although 70, Reagan had the stamina of a 30 year old man and his health, will and strength along with his faith helped pull him through.

President Reagan was a changed man to a certain extent after the shooting. He believed that God had spared him for a purpose and he pushed without hesitation his goal of seeing the end of Communism and the elimination of The Soviet Union. Both goals were achieved as the USSR began collapsing and soon after Reagan left office The Soviet Union was no more, Eastern Europe was freed from Communist oppression and Communism as a force in the world was eliminated.

Reagan was, I believe, destined to be a good President but the profound experience of the assassination attempt I also believe, elevated him to the ranks of great Presidents as he governed with a purpose, ending the Communist threat to America and the world, restored American pride and American respect around the world, reversed a failing economy and made the Nation and the world a far better place because of his leadership.

Ken Taylor


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