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Friday, March 04, 2011


Like it or not with great power comes great responsibility. As the worlds lone superpower The United States is expected to take a stand on every issue or problem that affects any country in the world and our allies and our enemies either follow or react in accordance to the stance and/or actions of the America President who as the Nations Chief Executive speaks for our country.

Past Presidents especially in the modern Presidency have been first to respond and first to either move or condemn the actions of tyrants, dictators and step forward to stand in solidarity with both vocal support and aid to citizens of oppressed country's who are seeking freedom from strong man leaders who keep their people in submission to their dictatorial rule.

We have been witnessing citizens of several country's seeking freedom from the oppression of authoritarian and tyrannical rulers who have held power for decades. Many of these country's are truly seeking freedom and not wanting an Islamic theocracy to rule in place of a dictator. While it is still not yet know whether this will be the case in Egypt, the people of Iran and Lybia are truly fighting for freedom from oppression and seeking relief from decades of, in the case of Iran, a theocracy that forces its people to bow to Mullahs and in Lybia a strong man who forces his people into submission by killing those who oppose him.

Even with our struggles and the agenda of socialism of the current administration we are still the only true bastion of freedom and liberty in the world. When people of other nations seek freedom they look to us for not only the example but for support. They want and need to hear from our President as the spokesman for our people that we are with them in their struggle and are willing and ready to assist them in defeating their oppressor and gaining the freedom they seek.

Since taking office Obama has been a reactionary President. He cannot and does not make any decision without seeing how it will affect him both personally and politically first and then how his liberal base will react. After researching all of this he will then consider how other country's will react then and only then will he possibly make a statement and eventually maybe even possibly actually do something. In every instance his reaction has come far too late and far too weak to actually make any difference.

The situation in Lybia is a prime example. The people of Lybia have been fighting for their freedom for weeks now and their strong man, Qaddafi has been killing his own people by the hundreds even thousands and after ten days Obama finally said something minimal then sent Hillary to Geneva to discuss how to respond with our allies. In the meantime Qaddafi continued to kill his people.

Now Obama finally made a move sending navel vessels to watch the situation and even then with Qaddafi using military planes to bomb his people and oil fields Obama refuses to back a no fly zone except to assist Egyptian refugees. In the few statements he has made since the Lybian situation started he refused to condemn Qaddafi personally or call for his removal until AFTER every other country had already done so and now the last leader to step forward calling for Qaddafi to leave and stop killing his people is Barack Obama, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST!

The Lybian people see his weakness. So much so that they have pleaded for former President George Bush to help them because they know Obama won't. I am of the firm belief that if and possibly when our country is attacked by an enemy as to whether Obama will react at all or just discuss with a few advisers after checking polling, then having a couple of White House parties and finally making a minimal move to protect our Nation and our people AFTER whomever the enemy is has already exposed this weakness for what it is and opened Pandora's Box of destruction and death while Obama is still contemplating what if anything to do!

Ken Taylor


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