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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Whether one agrees with the move to suppress Libya's Qaddafi and the no fly zone that is being hap hazardly imposed over Libya, and whether one believes that Obama has over stepped his Constitutional authority by sending American forces without at least informing Congress before he did so, we are part of this and our reputation and military prestige is on the line as part of the coalition.

If Obama or anyone else involved in this actually thought that a great accomplishment could come of this military action the no fly zone should have been in place weeks ago. But there was and still is a great lacking of leadership since Obama could not make up his mind either way and did nothing more than run Hillary all over the world asking everybodies opinion on what The United States should do.

We never have nor ever should depend on what the UN or any other country decides or thinks when it comes to deploying American troops and looking out for US interests around the world. There are some who believe that this action does NOT fall into the category of protecting US interest and Obama over stepped his authority in sending our troops to Libya. This is supposed to be a strictly humanitarian effort to protect the rebel forces and the Libyan people from being annihilated by Qaddafi in an attempt to hold power.

Regardless of the reason that US troops are deployed and I am one who believes that Qaddafi must go, we SHOULD NOT be under foreign command. But Obama does not see it that way as he is relinquishing the leadership of The United States and placing our troops under foreign command within the next few days. Already without a clear leadership roll in the action the coalition is falling apart and when Obama completely relinquishes American command the coalition will likely collapse placing our troops in greater danger then they already face.

We are the only super power in the world and the only military with the technology and the resources to lead. Everyone knows this fact except Obama who is satisfied with the US as a secondary power, which is a goal he set forth during his campaign for the Presidency. He has long despised American strength and leadership in the world and has sought since taking office to diminish our power and place us as a country on an even playing field with the rest of the world. We are now seeing the result of his relinquishing our roll a leader of the free world. I only hope that the damage he is doing is not beyond repair by the time he is booted out of office and we elect a true leader in 2012.

Ken Taylor


Blogger The Bard of Murdock said...

Amen. Amen. Amen!

1:45 PM, March 23, 2011  
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