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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Middle East continues to erupt with a savage fury especially in Lybia where Ghaddafi is killing his people because they seek freedom from his tyrannical reign. Japan has suffered the worst natural disaster in recent history and the ramifications from this tragedy are global as the Japanese markets plummet in the aftermath of the quake and Tsunami.

So what does Barack Obama do as the world crumbles from both political and natural disasters ? Well today he is concentrating on the NCAA Basketball Tournament which follows his weekend golf game and general retreat type weekend around The White House. At a time when many are wanting to hear a President address what is happening in the chaotic world Obama also chose a most pressing subject, (all sarcasm intended), for his Saturday radio address, Women's history month and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Since taking office Obama has shown a disconnect with the Presidency. He has delayed making critical decisions and for the most part when and if he makes a decision it is too little too late. When events call for a Presidential involvement Obama seems to be on the side lines not even paying much attention. When he addressed the Japanese disaster during his comments when he offered US support he called the devastation a, "potentially catastrophic event." How much more must happen to Japan before he considers it a catastrophe ?

White House insiders have revealed Obama's disconnect with the Presidency in numerous off the record interviews, expressing concern that he is so out of touch that the disconnect affects his ability to be President. Well we who have been warning about Obama since the 2008 campaign knew this would take place and it is not surprising that he it completely out of touch and disconnected from the responsibility.

Obama is an egomaniac and the daily tasks of the Presidency whether mundane or massive do not give his ego the boost that standing before a crowd of duped supporters does. When dealing with even a tragic and devastating situation as the disaster in Japan the the cheers and applause he gets from a crowd of people are not available so he is disconnected from the situation since it does not stroke his massive and arrogant ego.

At a time when national and world events require a President to concentrate full time on ever changing and pressing matters, Obama's disconnect allows him to still party, golf and take part in activities like the NCAA tournament without regard to the time or the appearance of being out of touch and disconnected. His pleasure is more important to him than the responsibility of the job and as such it becomes a priority even when matters require otherwise.

Additionally the disconnect comes from his lack of ability to handle the massive responsibility of the Presidency. Obama has been way over his head since day one and the longer he is in office the more this lack of ability shows. This too feeds the disconnect since his ego can't handle his failure so being disconnected allows him to ignore the failure and the fact that he does not know what he is doing.

If he were a CEO of a major corporation, Obama would have been long gone. If he were the President of a company he would have been booted our months ago. But he is The President of The United States and barring any illegal activity that causes his removal from office following the criteria set forth in the Constitution or death, this Chief Executive will remain in the job until he is voted out of office in 2012. Which makes it that much MORE imperative that we do so for the sake of our country and our world!

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

This isn't disconnect! This is sheer idiocy coupled with a disdain for the very principles this country was founded on. This man is can only do what his puppet masters on the hard Marxist Left allow him to do. He is a pathetic follower and a dumb one at that!

1:12 PM, March 15, 2011  
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