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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Picture a person wandering around acting as if they were in, "la, la land." Now as you get that picture place the face of Barack Obama on the person and you begin to get a picture of this pretender President who has lost the confidence of the world, never had the confidence of Americans and has now relegated The United States into a secondary position in the world.

Obama's complete lack of involvement in Libya has surrendered not only our usual leadership roll in a crisis of this magnitude but he has also surrendered our moral position as well. The opposition to Qhaddafi have been begging for support from The United States and Obama is not just voting present on this issue but is absent from it completely, sending Hillary Clinton to make any statements about the killing of Libyans by the ruthless dictator and making the official position of our country being, "let someone else handle it." Now Qhaddafi has nearly defeated the freedom fighting opposition as the Red Crescent, (Red Cross), is leaving Libya because they see no chance for victory over the tyrant.

We are the singular bastion of freedom in this world and when oppressed country's like Libya begin to take a stand against tyranny and seek freedom, because of who we are they seek our support knowing that we hold a moral position and the strength to provide support necessary for freedom loving people to achieve the liberties we have. The Iranians sought out help twice and Obama ignored them. The Libyans are fighting for their very lives and Obama refuses to acknowledge their plight meandering around as if nothing is happening while surrendering our leadership and moral authority.

Through Libya alone the world now knows without doubt that under an Obama Presidency, The United States can no longer be depended upon to take a stand for freedom nor assist those who seek it. The world now understands that under Obama we will no longer be the leader of the world and as such the world meanders as Obama does because without American leadership country's who wish to assist falter because they do not have the strength or moral authority to unite country's as we have.

Even in the midst of a tremendous natural disaster as is taking place in Japan, while the US is sending assistance Obama remains quiet at a time when a US President is expected to be in the front lines using the bully pulpit of the Presidency to let not only the suffering country but our Nation and the world know that all will be well because The United States is taking the lead in combating the disaster.

Rather than take all of the necessary time to step forth and lead as a President should, Obama chooses to golf, set up NCAA brackets, play basketball, party with Washington elites, attend Democrat fund raisers and take a trip to Rio to discuss issues that are not pressing in order to give his wife and kids a tax payer paid trip to sight see in Brazil.

Jimmy Carter the former worst President in our Nations history was a bumbling buffoon as President but at least we knew he was on the job and not absent from duty or partying while the world and our country fell into chaos. Obama is not only sitting on the sidelines, absent from his duties and responsibilities as President but he spits in the face of Americans and the world as he makes no effort to hide his playing and leisure activities which obviously are more important to him than struggling Americans dying Libyans and ravaged Japanese. 2012 PLEASE come quickly!

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

To call this man President is an insult to the office! The man is not, never has been and never will be a leader. He is simply a pawn being manipulated by his hard left Marxist handlers who's sole cause seems to be destroy our economy and deliver us to the Soviet like sphere of submission. Thw word scum barely describes this clown!

1:57 PM, March 17, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen from TEXAS. Where is our leader and why does he not communicate without reatoric with the nation!

12:53 AM, March 18, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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