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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gas prices in The United States are spiking once again as unrest in the Middle East specifically Libya causes speculators to cringe over oil futures. The trickle down affect is already hitting grocery shelves and any other commodity that depends on transportation to ship goods as the extra cost associated with the higher gas prices is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

Barack Obama has been anti oil since well before he took office and now since becoming President he has used every means at his disposal to limit if not end drilling for oil anywhere in The United States. In the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill, Obama issued a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and even after a court order demanded the moratorium be lifted he not only ignored the order but reissued the moratorium rewording it to avoid the order.

We use approximately 20 million barrels of oil per day in The United States and only supply 7 million of this from our own resources. The rest we import from foreign sources with Canada being at the top of the list followed by Mexico, Saudi Arabia and then Venezuela. Using Venezuela as an example if we drilled here at home from our own resources the price at the pump would be similar to that of the South American country as they pay less then 50 cents using their own oil and selling the remainder on the world market through CITCO gas stations.

In 2008 the USGS did a survey of existing oil resources untapped in the US and the total amount available exceeded 120 billion barrels of oil and this does not include oil shale found in The Dakotas and Minnesota which totals more than the oil resources in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran combined. Yet with all of this oil available here at home Obama and his cronies on the left through the environmental lobby prevent any new drilling and have shut down all drilling in the Gulf which has allowed the equipment necessary to drill in the Gulf to move to other locations providing oil for other countries.

The Tourist in Chief on his recent trip to Brazil added the ultimate insult to injury to Americans and our oil industry when he praised Brazilians for drilling to provide oil for themselves and sell on the market. Then he added he would spend US resources to assist Brazil in drilling offshore so that WE could BUY their oil and import it to the US. Yet he usees every means available to him to end offshore drilling in the US and ignores court orders demanding he lift the unnecessary and unwarranted moratorium imposed after the Gulf oil spill.

This is hypocrisy at its worst and shows his blatant desire that American citizens pay more for gas at the pump. During the campaign he stated that he favored higher gas prices as long as they did not rise quickly. Now that he has the power to make it so he is using the Presidency to push prices higher by eliminating US sources of oil and assisting other country's forcing a greater dependence on foreign oil. Does anyone doubt anymore that Obama hates America and Americans?

Ken Taylor


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