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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The Governors are meeting in Washington with a majority this year due to the 2010 election being Republican. As is the case whenever the Governors meet in Washington they collectively and individually meet with the President. Obama faces more opposition to his agenda with the Governors now than he is used to and as a result to attempt to appease that opposition and look like everybodys friend, he offered a compromise with the stickler of his agenda, Obamacare.

According to the law by federal mandate all states must participate fully in the program until 2017 then can exercise an option, with strings attached, to opt out of the health care debacle. Obama knowing that most of the Governors he faced in The White House meeting not only oppose Obamacare but many have states Attorney Generals who are taking the unconstitutional law to court in order to get it eliminated from the books.

So the appeaser in chief offered this compromise to the Governors. Rather than having the option to opt out of Obamacare in 2017 as the law states he would back a change which would of course need Congressional approval, to opt out three years earlier in 2014. On the surface this sounds like a concession the leftist ideologue is making but when one digs a little deeper one finds the catch which is always the case when Obama concedes anything.

If the states choose to opt out three years early in 2014 they do so at their financial peril. Obama's, "compromise," calls for the states to take on the total financial burden of Obamacare in order to opt out of the federal program, covering the same number of people at the same cost WITHOUT federal money to do so.

We all know that Obamacare has within its grasp dozens of federal tax increases to pay for the program. So if the debacle continues the American people will be paying for this scam with increased taxation on the federal level. Any state that opts out will be forced to increase state taxes in order to cover the cost of the burden of Obamacare and the loss of federal funds since the state chooses to opt out.

The bottom line for Americans is that if a state opts out following Obama's, "compromise," tax payers within that state will find themselves double taxed for Obamacare. First by the federal government for the program, then by the state to cover the cost for the loss of federal funds because the state chose to opt out but still having to carry the burden of the entire program in that particular state.

Of course the only real option to prevent any of this from happening is the repeal of the nightmare as well as defunding any implementation until repeal can succeed whether through Congress and a Republican Presidential signature after the 2012 election or the The Supreme Court overturns it based on it being unconstitutional. Either way this center piece of the Obama Presidency must be eliminated as law and ended or we the people will face financial hardships and loss of the best health care system in the world as government takes over and does what government does best, destruction!

Ken Taylor


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