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Thursday, March 10, 2011


When Obamacare passed many understood that there would be Constitutional challenges due to the unconstitutional mandate to purchase health care. But what was not known is that hidden within the law by the Pelosi/Reid Congress was $105 billion dollars for the implementation of Obamacare over ten years.

Why is this hidden cost such a problem ? Several reasons, but the greatest problem is that Democrats in the 111th Congress illegally appropriated all the money necessary to fully implement Obamacare and that is where the $105 billion dollars falls into the realm of an illegal unconstitutional move by the Pelosi/Reid Congress and why they would not allow the bill to be read and makes the restoration of this money a necessity in order to defund Obamacare and it must be done immediately.

Let me explain. The Constitution prevents any Congress from binding another Congress from having the ability to change and/or decide not to fund through the appropriation process any legislation from a preceding Congress. When a law is passed it is usually passed with the provision that any funding for that law is handled through a separate appropriations bill when the funding is needed for implementing the law.

The Pelosi/Reid Congress violated the Constitution by passing Obamacare and hiding within the bill the appropriation of $105 billion dollars to implement all aspects of the law. The money was appropriated from the Treasury last year and is set aside waiting for its use to implement Obamacare WITHOUT the approval of the funds by the current Congress or any future Congress.

Even entitlements like Social Security must face a new appropriations bill every year in order for funding to be provided from the Treasury to pay for Social Security. By appropriating all of the money needed to implement Obamacare this unconstitutional move prevents Congress from voting on the funding and in essence leaves a post dated check for the next ten years once again bypassing this and future Congress for the funding. It also prevents defunding because the money has already been illegally appropriated.

The purpose in the Constitution preventing one Congress from binding another also allows for the will of the people through voting to change Congress if we the people are not satisfied with the direction of any Congress. By bypassing the appropriations process as they have through Obamacare the 111th Congress bypassed voters and the people binding every Congress for the next ten years and in essence disenfranchising Americans in having any say in the implementation of Obamacare.

Representative Michelle Bachman is attempting to stop this in its tracks. It has one opportunity to be stopped and that is through the Continuing Resolution which comes up for a vote on March 18. Democrats and Obama will never willingly vote to stop this unconstitutional appropriation but the Continuing Resolution and the leverage of shutting down the government provides the muscle to force Democrats to agree to returning this illegal appropriation to the Treasury and will defund Obamacare for two years, long enough to elect a GOP President who will sign a repeal bill.

Representative Bachman needs our help. Many in the GOP are not joining her in this action and it is up to us, we the people, to demand that our Representatives join her in stopping Obamacare and this illegal unconstitutional appropriation. Unless this happens we will be stuck with Obamacre as the funding is already in place to implement it with no other way to stop it.

Call and e-mail your Representative immediately to contact Bachman and join her in this fight to stop Obamacare and prevent it from being forced down our throats. We must win this battle and this fight must take place. There is only a small amount of time to get the wording in the Continuing Resolution and force the Democrats to agree to end this illegal appropriation by using the leverage of a government shut down. NOW is the time to act. NOW is the time to move. NOW is the time to DEMAND our Representatives join Michelle Bachman.

Ken Taylor


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