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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Fox News, and only Fox News is reporting that the Obama administration is sending a delegation led by US Ambassador John Roos to Hiroshima, Japan for the first time in 65 years to attend ceremonies marking the dropping of the A-Bomb on August 6, 1945 which led to ending WWII.

James Tibbets, the son of General Paul Tibbits the pilot of the Enola Gay, the B 29 which dropped the bomb, sees this first attendance of the annual ceremony in Japan as an, "unsaid apology," for the A-Bomb and an attempt to rewrite history making the Japanese Empire which attacked Pearl Harbor as a ,"victim," rather than an aggressor whose actions led to the bomb that ended a war the Japanese planned on continuing until every citizen died fighting while killing tens of thousands of Americans in the process. Without the bomb the Japanese had no intention of seeking an end to the war.

The United States has never sent a delegation to this ceremony in the 65 years since August 6, 1945 and this is seen by many as Obama's way of beginning his plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by showing the Japanese of 1945 as victims of the action which brought about the end of the war. Obama is also planning on following this with a personal visit to Japan and stopping in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make speeches against nuclear arms. Once again making the Japanese Empire of 1945 look like victims and the US as an aggressor needing to apologize for dropping the bomb.

This is revisionist history at its worst completely omitting the fact that it was ONLY the bomb which brought the Japanese to an unconditional surrender. Even after the first bomb at Hiroshima the Japanese military planned on repelling an invasion with every means available fully intending to kill thousand of America soldiers in the process convinced that they still had the ability to win the war. Without the bomb an invasion would have taken place killing millions of both Japanese and Americans extending the war for possibly more than a year as the militarists in Japan would have taken to guerrilla warfare if the invasion had succeeded. The Japanese were determined to win at all costs and the bomb stopped the death of untold millions.

Japan holding a ceremony is natural but as Tibbit's son says in the Fox News report concerning the US attending, " It needs to be left alone. The war is over." He goes on to say his father would not have approved of the delegation and would have considered it a move to apologize for the bomb. Again omitting the facts of history in order to rewrite the truth and push Obama's political agenda for total nuclear disarmament.

Paul Schalow a professor of Japanese at Rutgers University says that Japanese media sees this delegation as proof of Obama's desire for nuclear disarmament and that showing, "regret," for our use of the bomb in 1945 allows The United States the, "moral position," to denounce any future use of nuclear weapons. In other words if we are not apologetic then we are hypocrites for seeking to prevent Iran from going nuclear and North Korea from using their existing nuclear weapons. I consider Schalow's ,"explanation," a load of horse manure.

We do not need to be contrite or apologize in any way for using the A-Bomb to end the war and save millions of lives. If the Japanese Empire of 1945 had the weapon they would not have hesitated to use is under any conditions. Having an overwhelming force or weapon to use in order to end a war, which could have lasted much longer with far more casualties on both sides was the right thing to do and rewriting history or Obama using this for his political agenda will not change the truth and the facts.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous smokingshoes said...

"If the Japanese Empire of 1945 had the weapon they would not have hesitated to use is under any conditions":

That seems like a pretty huge assumption to make, and does that make killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians okay?

12:59 AM, August 15, 2010  
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