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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One of the arguments that has always been part of Democrat talking points over the war in Iraq has been the cost and how much the war was adding to the deficit. In fact Barack Obama used this talking point argument during his campaign as he was continually slamming the war and President Bush. Now that our troops are coming home and victory is complete the truth about war spending comes out and it does not bode well for Obama.

The CBO released the figures shown in the above graph which clearly prove that the war WAS NOT the major cause of the deficit as Democrats tried to spin. In fact as anyone can see Iraq war cost, (in blue), would not have made any significant change in the deficit had there not been military spending for the war.

The CBO report also shows that Obama's deficit busting failed stimulus package which cost tax payers $ 767 billion dollars alone is $ 58 billion dollars more in spending than the entire seven years of the Iraq war which cost $ 709 billion dollars. After interest is thrown in for the stimulus package it will cost tax payers more than $100 billion dollars above the entire cost of the Iraq war.

As we close in on the 2010 mid terms Democrats are already showing they will be using the usual scare tactics in order to deceive the public into voting them back into office. They have started with the typical Social Security scare which has been used for more than 40 years saying that Republicans will take away seniors benefits. I am quite sure they will also use the cost of the Iraq war as they did in 2008 as a means of trying to hide the truth of their own irresponsible deficit spending which has given us trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future. Claiming that Bush made the problem and all they have been trying to do is clean it up.

Well numbers speak for themselves and Democrats have increased the deficit 100 fold over their so called cry that the war in Iraq caused the deficit and it was Bush's fault. They own the deficit and the struggling economy which has grown worse since the passing of the stimulus and the tremendous increase in government and spending ALL at the hands of Barack Obama and Democrats. Remember THIS truth in November!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Cammie Novara said...

The minute I read this hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets opinion piece I realized that The Liberal Lie, the Conservative Truth's visitors truly must have an opportunity to see this link:

2:19 PM, August 24, 2010  
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