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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The soon to be retired Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid broke ranks with Barack Obama over the Mosque planned at Ground Zero in New York City. Stating that while he respected the First Amendment right of freedom of religion, Reid went on to say that he believed the Mosque should be built, "someplace else." Polar opposite of the response to the Mosque of his boss, Obama, who last Friday strongly supported the building of the Mosque at the sight and then somewhat back tracked on Saturday after the out cry over his remarks.

But did Reid break with Obama over the Mosque because he truly believes that it is the wrong place to build it or was it just a political move coming from a political animal who is desperate to save his hide during a tight Senate race in Nevada.

Reid has remained silent concerning the Mosque which has been in headlines for several weeks. Since Obama's remarks on Friday the Mosque has been leading headlines, made the rounds on Sundays talking head shows as well as Mondays news commentary and pundit spots. So Reid coming forward COULD be a sincere moment in a normally insincere life and if so then it is the first and ONLY smart thing Harry Reid has ever said.

But it seems much to coincidental that Reid's remarks come only AFTER his opponent for the Nevada Senate seat, Sharron Angle demanded that Reid take a stand and that Obama was ignoring the will of the American people. Soon after Angle's challenge Reid released the statement about the Mosque and his belief it should not be built at Ground Zero, breaking with his boss.

Reid is well known as a political animal who will say and do anything he thinks will give him a political advantage or gain a vote. Polls show that Reid and Angle are in a statistical tie for the Nevada senate seat with just a few weeks remaining before the November mid term election. Reid is fighting for the first time for his political life and polls across the country show overwhelming anger over the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero AND that almost the same number of people understand that while there is no violation of freedom of religion in building the Mosque it is the wrong place for construction. Amazing isn't it how similar Reid's remarks and the polls are.

So the question remains, were Reid's remarks sincere or were they only in response to Angle's challenge and delivered AFTER studying the polls ? With Reid's reputation of saying and doing anything for political gain I am quite sure that his remarks especially after such a long silence, were far more politically motivated rather than a sincere response and break from Obama. After all we are talking about Harry Reid the man who embraces all that is Obama and like his boss ignores the people he works for.

Ken Taylor


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