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Friday, August 13, 2010


For weeks at every stop that Barack Obama has made on his, "Summer of Recovery," tour, (that is when he hasn't been on vacation), the campaigner in chief has been bragging about how the economy is improving, how may jobs, "he," has created and all due to his economic policy and the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package.

Last week employment and economic numbers that were touted as a , "great recovery," by Obama were revised downward to the point that as the real numbers were finally revealed, the economy that Obama has claimed was," growing," and," recovering," actually shrunk in the first quarter of the year and the second quarter did not do much better.

So enter the newest jobless claims report showing that more than 480,000 new claims were made making it the highest since February. Add to that mortgage rates at an all time low and the housing market is still crashing with foreclosures at 6% above last year along with the Stock Market which plunged triple digits twice this week and the Summer of Recovery that Obama claimed turns out to be nothing more than non-existent and rhetoric to try and defend the massive spending and deficits bankrupting our country under the reigns of Barack Hussein Obama.

Yet while Americans are losing jobs at near record rates, home foreclosures are also at near record rates as well as an economy shrinking, Barack and Michelle Obama have no trouble taking expensive vacations including Michelle's $ 750,000 dollar extravagance in Spain followed by yet another ,"family," vacation at Martha's Vineyard the play ground of the rich and famous who the Obama's whine about constantly.

NOTHING this President has promised has become a reality except exploding the government and passing unaffordable legislation like the trillion dollar stimulus and Obamacare both of which are already far exceeding their respective dollar amounts in wasted spending, taxation and deficit busting borrowed money.

Still as the Summer of Recovery which never appeared is continued to be claimed by Obama, the irresponsible liberal/Marxist finds new and more creative ways of blaming George Bush for the lack of recovery. Never once taking any responsibility for anything, except the victory in Iraq which he had NOTHING to do with. Always forgetting the fact that when Bush left office the, "inherited," $464 billion dollar deficit exploded into a 1.7 trillion dollar deficit soon after Obama took office and passed the stimulus with multi trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. In fact the deficit for the month of July alone exceeded $160 billion dollars which is more than the yearly deficit during five of Bush's eight years as President.

Each passing day looms with the Summer of Recovery which has never appeared quickly becoming the Fall of Economic Failure for our Nation as the double dip recession that many economists predicted is now showing signs of being a reality, for which I am sure Obama will blame Bush. But fortunately the American people know who is to blame and he does not live in Dallas, Texas but resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and come November may very well find himself a lone liberal hung out to dry by citizens who are fighting to save our country from destruction at the hands of Barack Obama. But never fear because Obama says, "things could be worse," and he is going to make darn sure they are!

Ken Taylor


Blogger ablur said...

The spasmodic joy of the liberal is even starting to melt when BO speaks. Unfortunately, it will force him to be in our face even more as he tries to reclaim the god-like worship he became accustom too. He will only make it worse on himself as November looms large for America.

11:24 PM, August 14, 2010  
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