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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Since 1942 the left leaning Gallup polling organization has been taking a generic poll asking Americans which party, Republican or Democrat, they prefered in a Congressional vote. This poll has always had a tendancy to waver a few points either way with neither the GOP or the Dems taking what would be considered a commanding lead in the generic poll. The party in favor at the time of the poll usually leads by two or three points on an average.

Over the past months as the anger of the American electorate has been increasing and the realization by the electorate of who is to blame for the economy and the direction the country is taking the culprits in Congress for the Nations troubles, Democrats, have been taking a beating in the generic poll. The GOP has consistantly polled three and four point higher than Dems in the Gallup poll when voters are asked their Congressional preference.

The most recent poll though is not only extremely bad news for Democrats but in the 68 years since Gallup has been taking the generic Congressional poll there has NEVER been a wider gap between the parties as there is now. According to the latest poll voters prefer Republicans in the generic poll 51% to 41%, a difference of ten points which is unheard of in this particular poll.

The ten point lead by the GOP in the generic poll is even higher than in 1994 when Democrats lost their 40 year majority in both the House and the Senate. A mid term year that this election has been compared to. The generic poll has been favoring the GOP for months and with each polling the gap has been increasing but a ten point difference is not only bad news for Democrats but is a clear signal that the midterms could be far more devestating to Obama and Democrats than many had originally thought.

Most are all but conceding the loss of the House and the end of the reign of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, but in recent weeks the Senate has shown signs of switching majorities also. In fact many now believe that not only will as many as 60 - 70 seats change hands in the House but the GOP could likely have a four to five seat majority in the Senate. A major shift from the 59 - 41 majority Democrats currently hold in the Senate.

Though many Democrats are running as fast as they can from Obama and his agenda which has angered the majority of Americans and especially taken the Independent vote from Democrats, the American people as evidenced by the Gallup poll are not buying into the denial and the deception attempt by candidates who are trying to pretend they had nothing to do with what has taken place in Washington since Obama took office. Deny as they wish but their records and their vote for Obama's agenda will follow them all the way to the polls and a defeat in November.

Ken Taylor


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