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Thursday, August 19, 2010


The last combat brigade is leaving Iraq and according to one of our best a bravest who is heading home with his fellow warriors, Iraq is a complete victory, with Iraqi forces who were trained by Americans now having the full capability of handling anything which may come their way once the US combat presence is gone. Had I not heard the interview with the Sgt. I would still have my doubts as to ending combat presence especially with Obama involved and trying to appease the far left. But when one of our finest declared victory then I know it is true.

For the last twenty months both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been taking credit for our victory in Iraq. The only action that Obama deserves credit for Iraq is that he signed the orders to bring our troops home. The credit for victory belongs to George W. Bush and the magnificent soldiers who stood fast and defended freedom on the battlefields of Iraq.

Iraq had its problems not the least of which is that the Bush administration under estimated the resolve of the insurgency and the Al Qaeda presence in the immediate after math of the fall of Saddam Hussein. But once the surge took place in 2007 and the overwhelming power of US forces and the magnificent job performed by our troops, Iraq moved from a problem to a total victory and Obama had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

In fact while a Senator, Obama used every opportunity to condemn the surge and every aspect of our situation in Iraq and even on the campaign trail during the Presidential race, Obama continually lashed out at Iraq as a failure even as our troops where defeating the enemy at every turn and winning the respect and assistance of the Iraqi people who went from assisting the insurgency to siding with the US in taking control of their country.

As the troops begin coming home Obama I am sure will take every opportunity to pat himself on the back for, "winning," the war. But the troops, Iraqis and the American people know whose victory this truly is. First it is a victory for freedom. Next credit for achieving victory must go to the Commander in Chief who the troops truly respect even to this day, George W. Bush.

The greatest share of the credit for this great victory belongs to the tremendous men and women of our military who stood a post in Iraq, sacrificing their all in order to defend freedom in a foreign land and protect The United States. To the 4415 soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice our Nation is eternally grateful and we will always remember. Welcome home to our troops and thank you for your service and for bringing victory. God bless our soldiers who still serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and both here and abroad.

Ken Taylor


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