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Friday, August 27, 2010


A new Rasmussen poll finds that on the ten most important issues facing our country the American people trust the GOP over Democrats on EVERY issue. Even education, an issue that Democrats usually rule because of their political hold on the teachers unions, Republicans are now trusted more than Democrats.

The break down of the poll is as follow:

Education - GOP 41% - 40%

Health Care - GOP 48% - 40%

Iraq - GOP 43% - 40%

Economy - GOP 47% - 39%

Social Security - GOP 43% - 38%

Government Ethics - GOP 40% - 38%

National Security - GOP 49% - 37%

Afghanistan - GOP 43% - 36%

Taxes - GOP 52% - 36%

Immigration - GOP 44% - 35%

Clearly the poll shows that Democrats are not only out of touch with the people but in the most important issues facing the country as we approach the November election, the economy, immigration, taxes, social security and national security, the American people have little trust in Democrats to handle the problems and face the issues.

Almost every poll whether a more left leaning poll or a more conservative poll show that the economy is now and will be the key issue in the mid term election. With Americans trusting the GOP by a gap of eight points over Democrats on this key issue, the speculation that Dems will not only lose their majority especially in the House but possibly a route in the process seems more likely than ever before.

Former Clinton advisor and Fox News contributor Dick Morris on a recent Sean Hannity show went as far as predicting Democrats will lose more than 70 seats in the mid term election and lose the majority in the Senate by at least four seats. The greatest loss of House seats in our Nations history occurred in 1922 when Republicans lost 77 seats due to a split in the party.

Although the massive loss of seats did not change the GOP majority it did change the political advantage President Warren G. Harding had in passing legislation. Morris went as far in his prediction as to say the he believed this record will be broken by Democrat losses in this years mid term.

Whether or not Morris' prediction will come true remains to be seen but most pundits concede that the House will change majorities in November and the issues poll by Rasmussen only helps to reinforce this prediction. Democrats are obviously in trouble and the Obama agenda they have supported and legislated has lead to their current problems and eventual demise.

Many House Democrats are trying to distance themselves from Obama and Pelosi as the mid terms approach in order to attempt to gain re-election in tough races by pretending they did not support the leftist agenda of Obama. But deceiving voters by trying to deny a record where Democrats almost unanimously voted in favor of every legislative initiative from Obama and placed on the House floor by Pelosi, legislation which was opposed by the majority of Americans, will not work in November as voters remember the truth and oust those who supported Obama's agenda.

Ken Taylor


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