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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today is Constitution Day in The United States. A day each year that is set aside to commemorate the ratification of the document that established this nation and created the laws and principles that have been the foundation of our country for 220 years.

Many in today's society see the Constitution as a document, though great in its day, that is antiquated because it has not varied from its original writings and principles. It no longer is viable to the fabric of a 21st Century society.

To those critics who see the Constitution as a, "living breathing, " document that is subject to change in accordance the winds of time, I say you could be no further from the truth.

The Constitution is, "living and breathing, " in that the principles, rights, freedoms and laws found within this precious document are just as real and viable as they were when they were first penned more than 220 years ago.

Though adaptable to societal changes through the process of amendment, the foundation of laws and freedoms whose principles have guided this nation from that September day in 1787 until now are immovable and steadfast as the basis of our government and our country. This is one reason that the amendment process itself is so exhaustive and consuming to prevent any sitting legislature in Congress from changing the foundation of our land so that it may fit a certain political agenda or issue that pertains to a particular moment in history.

During the first months of this year I wrote a series of articles about the Constitution that went into some depth concerning the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution and why that original intent is the basis of interpretation and teaching about the Constitution today. The Constitutional principles, laws, rights and freedom as expressed in the original document are not open for liberal interpretation or evaluation but express exactly what this nation stands for and the reason for her existence.

Each article and amendment is to be followed as written and not taken only as simply a guide to reshape the fabric of our society. The liberal interpretation of the Constitution is one reason why we have drifted from the Framers original intent which directly equates to the size and scope of the over reaching federal government and the gradual whittling away of our freedoms and liberties.

Take the time today to read again or maybe for the first time the Constitution of The United States of America. Knowing it and understanding the principles, rights and laws set forth by the Framers is not only a necessity but a requirement to being a good citizen of this nation. Without this knowledge we then become prey to a government which takes advantage of the lack of education by the people concerning the Constitution. We instead become dependent upon those we elect to interpret and inform us of their version of our foundational document rather than knowing how it effects us and understanding that the government, by Constitutional law, belongs to, is answerable to and obligated to , "we the people." This is OUR nation, OUR government and OUR Constitution!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Peter said...

The Constitution was framed by wealthy white slave-owning lawyers and land-owners. What percentage of "we-the-people" would that represent?

4:52 PM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Jon said...

Peter, the slave-owner-friendly parts of the Constitution were included as a compromise to gain unity and not lose momentum in ratification. The language of inclusiveness did include all men (yes, just males at the time), black and white, but slaves were limited in their rights at the time to appease powerful Southern leaders that would have otherwise not ratified the document, spliting the nation at its birth. Abe Lincoln was prez when that issue came to a head, thus the civil war against slavery in the South. At least we were 'old' enough to have survived the disagreement.

2:11 AM, May 11, 2009  
Blogger Jon said...

Peter, I realized I hadn't answered your question. The answer is: a greater percentage of the population-to-be-ruled than history had EVER seen, by far. By way far.

The Constitution is by-a-long-shot the very best formula for national liberty this planet has ever seen.

2:17 AM, May 11, 2009  
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