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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


One of the key issues that every Democrat Candidate for the 08 Nomination is running on is Universal Health Care. Each of the top tier candidates has released their Health Care manifestos and proposals that according to their own press gurus will make health care possible for the , "47 million Americans, " who are without any type of health coverage.

Amazingly in the first two quarters of this year health care ranked third or fourth and in some polls even lower down the list of important issues that , "trouble, " the voting public, but recently and, " coincidentally," since the Democrat Presidential candidates have been touting their health care proposals and claiming that they champion the uninsured and protect the poor from not being able to get good medical care, Universal Health Care has amazingly become the number one issue with the American public.

Every time you watch a television program or listen to the radio news advertisements air which claim that everyone is worried about health care and being uninsured. And of course that , "47 million, " number is ALWAYS mentioned in adds, debate, press releases and conferences along with talking head appearances.

Yet when the truth is revealed and this , "47 million, " number is actually scrutinized it is quickly discovered that not only is the number extremely over inflated but includes millions who CHOOSE not to have health coverage because they do not feel they need it, whether it is because they are young and healthy or have the financial capability to pay out of their own pocket for any health related expenses. Or a combination of both.

Let's break this number down to the real facts about the "uninsured."

1 - 10 million of the, "47 million, " are ILLEGAL ALIENS who are uninsured because they have broken the law to enter the country and cannot be eligible for private health care and in most states are not eligible for government programs like Medicaid.

2 - 8.3 million who are counted among the , "47 million, " who cannot afford health insurance individually make between $50, 000 and $74, 999 dollar per year and choose not to purchase health care in order to enjoy more expensive cars, houses etc.

3 - 8.74 million make more than $75,000 dollars per year and again choose to not purchase health care and in many instances actually pay all health care expenses out of pocket BECAUSE they can afford it!

So just scratching the surface of the , "47 million, " subtracting the above numbers we find the, "uninsured, " at 19.96 million or less than 7 % of the population and this statistical break down is not over yet.

4 - 8.9 million of the 19.96 million left are uninsured because they have recently changed jobs and as such are either waiting for the usual 60 - 90 day eligibility requirement to sign up for company paid health care.

This now brings the number down to 11.6 million.

5 - According to the Congressional Budget Office of this number 45% will be uninsured for less than four months. This equates to another 4.9, which drops the number to 6.7 million uninsured individuals.

6 - It is also worth noting that of that final number of 6.7 million most if not all of those are eligible for government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid who are either in the process of filing and awaiting acceptance to the programs or have not filed yet for various reasons but are still eligible.

Where then is the, "Health Care Crises ?" In the minds of liberal Democrats who use this as a scare tactic as they have the Democrat created fear of seniors having Social Security benefits cut by evil Republicans. Which as we all know in 12 years of a GOP controlled Congress not only did not happen but Social Security benefits increased many times.

Democrats are using this scare tactic with inflated statistics and false reporting to promote Universal Health Care which with every program that is being touted by candidates regulates medicine to gain government control of a vital free market system. Mandates Americans to acquire coverage under these liberal/socialist programs in order to give Democrat government control of EVERY citizen of The United States.

This move by Democrats has nothing to do with , "compassion, " for the poor and uninsured, but has everything to do with acquiring complete power over Americans through massive government programs and as such forcing dependency of the people on the Federal Government which is the catalyst to a Democrat controlled American Socialism.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Wow you did your homework Ken,

Great Post!

I am not paying for any of this crap!

3:10 PM, September 25, 2007  
Anonymous Sam Sneed said...

I don't think you're aware of this as yet, but Fred Thompson is a lazy, ignorant asshole.

Have a nice day!

7:09 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Gustave le Grand said...

You racist motherfucker.
Listen to Immortal Technique

10:59 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Wow, Ken, you are attracting the intelligent posters tonight aren't you?

12:20 AM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Yeah CC those who call one ignorant or racists are proving their ignorance in their statements.

8:28 AM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, it seems to me that you are "double-counting" quite a few folks with your math. Items 4, 5,and 6 are likely to include many of the people that you knocked off the list in items 1-3.

But, at a higher level, are you suggesting that health care is not a real problem? I am not sure about you, but my family health care premiums have risen quite rapidly over the last few years. In addition, I have had to change dentists and am paying more out of pocket costs for my children's health care because things that used to be fully covered aren't.

A major reason we are paying higher health care costs are the uninsured - when an uninsured person goes to an emergency room and gets service that they cannot pay for, the hospital doesn't just eat the costs and take a loss - they just charge those of us with insurance more. That drives rates up.

If you want to quibble over numbers that's fine. But the 47 million uninsured is the Census Bureau's figure - that is the best number the government can produce. The number of uninsured have been calculated the way they are calculated by the Census Bureau for decades. We are paying higher premiums because there are more uninsured in America and something has to be done about it. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse for all of us.

1:21 PM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

Good post rob.

ken: what's your point? Don't you want to be financially protected against whopping medical bills in case of need? You insure your car and your house don't you? Your person is worth less consideration?

4:27 PM, September 27, 2007  
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