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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Senator Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton has unveiled her new comprehensive Universal Health Care plan claiming it to be different from her fiasco soon after her husband entered office and that it is fair to everyone. On the surface and in press releases the plan looks different than Hillary Care I but when looked at in depth it actually offers nothing new from plan I and actually adds some very interesting government controls that are not being talked about in the Hillary free press.

Initially unlike Hillary I the new program offers tax incentives to small business and corporations who offer health care plans for their employees. The first version in the early 90's attacked and taxed business as a punishment for not providing complete health care for employees. This may sound fine until you dig a little deeper to find out that these tax incentives are only temporary and once they expire shortly after the program begins, when costs begin to rise as the government portion of her program takes effect, business incentives will dry up and tax increases will be the replacement for the incentives in order to help fund the government health care programs she proposes.

She claims that the $110 billion dollar cost per year for the government sponsored portion of her plan will be funded by modernizing health care delivery and promoting wellness. This of course would increase the cost in the private sector which in turn would decrease services as medical providers would be handing over the, "savings, " to Hillary's government program while regulation would not allow for an increase to patients. The only option left for providers is to decrease services.

This idea in her plan though only accounts for $35 billion of her $110 billion dollar budget. The rest will come from eliminating the Bush tax cuts and when that dries up increasing taxes. As with any government program the estimated cost is usually only about one third of what the actual cost becomes so a rather LARGE tax increase will be necessary to fund Hillary Care.

Of course nowhere in the press or the information released by her campaign is a tax increase mentioned. No one ever asks , "where does all of this money to PAY for your health care plan come from ?" If the government is paying for it them the only place that it can come from is tax payers through increased taxes!

Now for the portion of her plan that no one is talking about. With her universal plan everyone in America will be REQUIRED to either purchase health care or acquire it through her government program. First this reeks of socialism since a government mandate requiring citizens to participate in anything whether they want to or not is not in conjunction with a free Constitutional Republic. This Democrat Universal Health Care idea is nothing more than the beginning of their plan to socialize the United States, placing every citizen under government control.

Additionally her plan also requires anyone working in this country to have government issued paper work which proves that the employee has some type of health care. If this paper work is not presented in current or future employment, by government mandate that individual CANNOT WORK!

During WWII and the Nazi occupation of Europe, The National Socialists required every worker to have papers issued by the government in order to work, travel etc. If one did not have the Nazi issued papers than they were not allowed to work. Is the Hillary mandate for government issuance of papers for work the beginning of American National Socialism ? It would appear so if this dangerous woman is elected to the Presidency. Then rather than placing our hands over our hearts we will be required to raise our hand in an open palmed salute yelling , " HEIL HITLARY!"

Ken Taylor


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