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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Over the past week Congressional Democrats have been laying the ground work for their response to the Iraq Report that will be given this week by Commanding General David Patraeus. Democrats have been methodically preparing to attack the report as wrong and Patraeus as a political patsy for the Bush Administration.

Beginning with a report from the General Accounting Office, (GAO), and ending with an "impartial and, non-partisan, " report by an , "independent group that made its findings known last week in Congressional hearings, Democrats have set up the Patraeus report to failure regardless of what it says or what the General reports.

Of course all of the reporting that has been before the Congress and the press thus far has absolutely no political bias. And if you believe that then I have several thousand acres of prime swamp land that I'll sell you at a great price at a fluctuating rate

First the GAO. This, "non- partisan," reporting office is specifically commissioned by the Congress to report on spending by the Congress. The GAO answers to the leadership of Congress which as we all know just happens to be Democrat. This is also the office which regularly shows billions of dollars in earmarks as necessary spending while never holding any member of Congress accountable for the spending.

According to the GAO wait now it's 11 of the 18 benchmarks SET BY CONGRESS for Iraq have not been met. First they cannot make up their mind as to how many and then they place either a complete passing or failing grade on every benchmark without reporting the progress on benchmarks that have not been fully completed.

If this same type of , "accounting, " were applied to Congress, the result would be complete failure since Congress makes it a habit of either partially completing anything they set out to do or by the time a bill is passed it has absolutely no resemblance to the idea or intentions of the legislation when it was originally proposed.

The next group reporting to Congress was an, "independent, "group, " which bragged as it members retired Generals and several other higher ranking diplomats who supposedly visited Iraq and studied the country and the progress or lack there of. How ironic that this , " independent, " group was commissioned by Congressional Democrats and as such obviously had marching orders concerning what they were to find and how it would be presented to the Congress.

Now as a result Democrat leaders like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are stepping forward prior to the Patreaus report with the usual failure and wrong move rhetoric. Reid even used the latest video from Usama bin Laden as proof that Iraq has detracted from the War on Terror. He stated that because of the Presidents move into Iraq, Al Qaeda has had , "breathing room, " to rebuild and recruit and as such Iraq is aiding Al Qaeda

Yet the words on bin Laden seem to refute the claims of Hapless Harry since bin Laden in his video actually condemned Democrats for not being able to do enough to force The United States out of Iraq. It seems to me that if Iraq was such a , "detraction, " and help to Al Qaeda as Reid contends then why would bin Laden favor the actions of Democrats in trying to pull out of Iraq ? If our presence in Iraq is such a help to Al Qaeda logic dictates that the terrorist group and their leader would want us to stay and continue!

So with the Democrats poised on attacking General Patraeus and his report they now have begun to move into that attack and actually questioning the honesty and integrity of one of Americas finest military leaders. Many have stated for the record that General Patraeus basically will deliver a report that follows what the Bush administration has dictated and that he will be nothing but a political puppet for the President's position.

First this insults the honesty and integrity of a admirable man. Second this accusation by Democrats questions the Generals motives and his concern and command ability for his troops.
The General's report is not only a report to Congress on Iraq progress but also an assessment for the Commander in Chief and the Command structure in Iraq which will decide how military operations will proceed and the strategy and movement of troops which are in harms way.

As a Commanding General in a theatre of operations, General Patraeus must make assessment as to how operations are progressing and also the political status of the situation that he finds the troops under his command in. He then reports this to the Commander in Chief and both along with the Command structure in the theatre and the Pentagon decide where to improve and what necessary changes, if any, are needed to garner further success and protect our troops as best as is possible.

To accuse General Patraeus of political partisanship in his report as well as biasing a report that determines operations that hold the lives of soldiers under his command in the balance is insulting the leadership abilities of an excellent General and accusing him of using our men and women in uniform for political advantage.

If this Democrat leadership had been in session in 1944 they would have accused General Dwight Eisenhower of planning and executing the D - Day invasion in order to boost the political position of the Roosevelt administration and assessing the military operation not to defeat the Nazi enemy but to gain political advantage for further operations and funding.

General Patraeus as a theatre Commander would not contrive a report in order to adhere to any political situation in this country. His duty to his soldiers and his country is to prepare a report with the best available information that will assess his troop progress and capability while determining in theatre political progress which is all prepared with the protection of the troops and the best way to achieve victory as the goal.

This is the report that the General will be giving to Congress this week. The Democrats in Congress on the other hand have had their response to the report prepared for quite some time. As a matter of fact their response to the report was prepared the day that it was announced that General Patraeus would be reporting to the Congress by September 15, several months ago.

To Democrats regardless of the content of the report and the success that it contains, for their own political purposes and nothing more, Iraq will never be a success, the troops will always fail, President Bush lied and misled the country and surrender is the only answer to solve the , "problem of Iraq."

Ken Taylor


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It's disgusting that they are already "rebutting" Petraeus' report, even before he's given it!

They are politically invested in failure and defeat.

1:29 PM, September 09, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

Regarding your post and Wordsmith's comment, it's par for the course with them. I've been saying for a long time now that if we give them enough rope they'll hang themselves with it. Looks like they're feverishly practicing on the hangman's noose. Good! :)

1:42 PM, September 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics at it's best. From the moment that the countries opinion about the war started swaying, democrats jumped on the bandwagon. And for some it started before that. They don't have any genuine opinions. Only what sounds the best to get them re-elected and against our president. This is nothing new. "They lied" was out of their mouths faster than the road runner on speed.

It's their way! Hopefully soon it will come back to bite them on the ass!

9:57 PM, September 09, 2007  
Blogger Donald Douglas said...

We'll see how Petraeus does tomorrow...

12:49 AM, September 10, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Basically, it's the Democrats realizing that a positive report is in the offing, which will not sit well with their political agenda, so they are sabotaging its' credibility in advance.

Collectively, the left are a real piece of work.

9:13 AM, September 10, 2007  
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