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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Take That !! John Kerry!!!

The Republican National Convention is over. The President is up by double digits in the polls. The speakers and their memorable speeches still ring in our ears. The President has set forth a rather bold plan with numerous initiatives over the next four years. We were reminded of our faith in God and that liberty is instilled into everyone by The Almighty! Our hearts were stirred with pride in our patriotism and love of country. We saluted the heros in the military and civilian services who stand freedom's watch on our streets and in foreign lands. We remembered those heros who, as President Lincoln put it, "gave the last full measure of devotion," whether on the battlefield or the Pentagon, the Twin Towers or a field in Pennsylvania. We shared laughter and tears, cheers and jeers. Flags waved and banners were held high. Protesters marched and the opposition continually complained. Yet even before the last balloon dropped from the roof of Madison Square Garden had finished it's lazy dance on the Arena floor, John Kerry held a midnight rally in Ohio complaining that his patriotism was questioned, (which it was not), his military service was dishonored,(hmm, how many times did I hear, "we honor Senator Kerry for his military service?" Only nearly EVERY speaker!) He claimed that the RNC was nothing but negative attacks, (if that's negative, I don't think I could handle positive!) Accused the Convention and the President of not speaking about the Administrations record, (where was he Thursday night and all week? Oh yeah, wind surfing and flying to Ohio!) As if this weren't enough he than returned to the Vietnam War, (his only campaign platform) in accusing tones toward the President and The Vice President for their actions in that era, (the new Kerry campaign slogan should be "Never look to the future when you can re-hash the past.") So in case you missed the President's wonderful speech and to set the record straight, use this link to access the President's plan for his next four years. To review the context of the memorable and stirring speeches, once again to set the record straight use this link, then click on site map and click on speeches. A great week for the GOP, a miserable week for Kerry leaving a very large up hill struggle for the challenger. Yet we must not let our guard down. For the momentum from the Convention to take the President back to the White House we have to ban together to defeat the whining Senator from Massachusets. I end this column with the saying most popular at the RNC, "FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!!! To that I say a rousing AMEN! God bless our President and our nation!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Laura got all her foreplay techniques from her OBGYN. She came home and taught George everything she learned and it changed his life so much for the better. That's why he's so upset about OBGYNs not being " to practice their love on women all across this country." The classically articulate W we knew and loved pre 9/11 is coming out again. He won't be able to debate because he'll have his foot so far down his throat, it'll be coming out of his ass. The man is an idiot.

2:25 PM, September 08, 2004  
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