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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Clinton News Network , (CNN) Proves Left Bias!

I had not intended to post an article this evening as I was working on another which I will post later in the week, but there are times when events take place that demand attention and one such event revealed itself today! Just when one may think that the hypocrisy of the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party cannot stoop any lower they prove otherwise. The struggling campaign of John Kerry announced today that James Carville and Paul Begala are joining the campaign staff as, "unpaid" advisors. Both are well known as extreme mud slingers and have a long association with the Clinton's through several elections. Already they have hinted that accusations of "not trusting the Presidency to an alcoholic President and Vice President, " referencing past DUI's years removed and admitted to by both Bush and Cheney. This is just one of many "low blows" that this pair are famous for. What makes matters worse and brings with it ethical questions is the fact that both are employed as talking heads with CNN and will KEEP their position with the network! Check out for more information. Of course as one would expect, none of the networks or major newspapers with the exception of Fox News has covered this story including CNN. I personally searched the CNN web site, (which can be hard to stomach), and found absolutely no reference to Carville and Begala joining the Kerry campaign nor their continuing association with the network. This hypocrisy glares in the face of the flack of the August 25 resignation of Benjamin Ginsberg a legal advisor to the Bush campaign. He came under such media scrutiny when it was learned that he also, (legally I might add), advised the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. He resigned to erase any hint of improprierty yet Carville and Begala remain with CNN! Any doubt that CNN is a mouth piece for the liberal agenda and the Kerry campaign has been eliminated by this action. On the bright side, in spite of massive media assistance the President still holds a 7 to 11 point lead depending upon which poll you read. Look out, with this team on board the next two months are going to get dirty and very little truth will come out of the Kerry camp!

Ken Taylor


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