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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry: Festering Old Wounds!

The rhetoric has come up a notch in the last few days in the Kerry campaign. The team of Carville and Bagala have re-invented the re-invention of the re-invention of John Kerry and this time the approach reveals who he truly is! As I mentioned in a previous posting, ( John Kerry: Final Iraq Flip-Flop a Flop), Kerry has chosen to take a very harsh stand against Iraq, stating that everything is failing and that the entire action is bogged down in a quagmire. He has left the "war hero" aspect of Vietnam behind because he could not get his story straight and the American public didn't buy into it and the true Kerry, that of a protest activest has finally appeared. He has fallen back to that which he feels made him into the public figure that he is: an anti-war, anti-military, blame America first liberal with no respect for the, "establishment" or the men and women who fight and die to allow our freedoms and his rhetoric to exist! Upon returning from Vietnam in the early 70's Kerry proceeded to desimate US policy and the military that was following that policy in order to make a name for himself. He and those who devised the stories from the "Winter Soldier" meetings and the baby killer protests that followed turned an entire nation against the war and the brave men and women who fought that war. Whether one believes in the policies and military operations that were Vietnam, no one had the justification to condemn and destroy the brave souls who gave their youth and life blood for their country; yet John Kerry did. Those wounds are still open and the new rhetoric from the Kerry camp sounds all to familiar to that which was applied to Vietnam in the late 60's and the early 70's. The difference today is that the country as a whole supports the war and especially those who are protecting our liberties from an enemy that wishes to destroy us! Condemning the effort calling it a failure is undermining the President, the military command and our soldiers. The Kerry camp is attempting to turn the nation against this war in just a few weeks in the same way Kerry and his cronies did over the course of ten years during Vietnam! The Iraqi Prime Minister in his message before Congress last week admonished that those who are vocal detractors to the war do nothing but embolden the enemy. Yes there have been mistakes and set backs, but look how far that Iraq has come since Saddam. Afhganistan is holding elections with over 10 million registered to vote! Iraq is more than 75% secure with employment and daily life abounding. This war on Terror inspite of it's problems as are present in ALL military actions has been a huge success! Yet the Kerry camp portrays everything a failure and a recruitment for further terrorists! Those who wish us dead, fight now because they do not want a free Iraq and Afhganistan. Freedom is contagious and they know it. So they fight to prevent it. Why should we believe that John Kerry would suddenly gain respect for our CURRENT allies, our military and for victory in the War on Terror just because he became the Commander in Chief! He is now what he always has been, an opportunist who seeks the spotlight always blaming America for the world's woes seeking power which he does not deserve and an office which he must not hold!

Ken Taylor


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