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Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Kerry: Final Iraq Flip - Flop A Flop!

If it were not for the fact that John Kerry is running for President and this is quite likely the most important Presidential election in my lifetime (48 years) and possibly US history, this pathetic excuse for a candidate would be almost laughable! First the flip - flops, then the exagerated war record, then the continual reference to Vietnam in every aspect of his campaign, and let's not forget absolutely NO substance what so ever in discussion of issues that are important to this country. So finally after fourteen flip - flops he decides that he has a "rock steady" position on Iraq. His position? To attempt in six weeks to be against everything that the President, out military and the Iraqi people have accomplished in Iraq and to paint a picture along with the all to willing assistance of the liberal media that Iraq is a failure and turn the country against it as he so expertly did, (along with many others), with the Vietnam war by his actions in the 70's. Now that this "brilliant" campaign plan is out of the bag, in steps Prime Minister Allawi from Iraq and delivers an inspiring speech before both houses of Congress and joins the President in an excellent press conference. In the speech Allawi thanked the President and praised the military, the Congress, the American people and our coalition allies for liberating Iraq and helping to establish democracy. He lashed at the media for telling a false story of gloom and neglecting the tremendous progress made, sighting that 15 of the 18 provinces can hold elections,"tomorrow!" He stressed that the job is not finished and Iraq still needs our help. The Congress irrupted in applause and members of BOTH parties praised Allawi and the Iraq effort! Within thirty minutes the exasperating Senator from Massachusetts spoke in Columbus, Ohio claiming that the President lied us into Iraq, that the entire situation is a failure, that he has advised the President four times on how to win in Iraq, (oh yeah Kerry advising how to win a war ha, ha and whoop-d-doo!) and , get this , that Prime Minister Allawi, "contradicted himself!" His only answer to anything favorable to Iraq, our military and the President, even when it comes from THE most reliable source, the Prime Minister of the country that has been liberated, his only of lies and deception and critizising the character and insulting Allawi and the President! Never can he offer evidence, for there is none, never can he give examples for there are none. Only insults, false claims, half truths, deliberate deceptions and just plain flat out lies and made up information. Hmmmm kind of like forgeries....well thats another story and problem for Kerry. When November 2 arrives and the day is done and all the ballots are cast and counted finding John Kerry loosing by landslide proportions maybe then he will realize that the American people are fed up with his kind of politics. That this post 9/11 country backs decisive leadership and actions against those who wish to destroy us. But.. alas more that likely he will react as all liberals do, thinking how stupid we are for not choosing him and how the "right wing conspiracy" kept his message from being heard! Well Mr. Kerry we HAVE heard your message and WE DON'T WANT IT!!!!

Ken Taylor


Blogger David P said...

Well spoken!!!! I just do not understand why people refuse to see this man for what he really is. His record in congress is completely opposite his words on the campaign trail. He will change his colors to fit the mood and attitude of the crowd he is speaking to. I mean, how do you go to Wisconsin and claim to be a Packers fan and not know what home field is called! He is by far the worst class of lier, he is compulsive and that is just dangerous. Thanks for post.

10:44 PM, September 23, 2004  
Blogger Pat in NC said...

Do you think France will take him? I even hate to see him return to the Senate.

8:15 PM, September 25, 2004  
Blogger Uglore said...

So........did Bush service his tour? Hmmmm, I think I still would rather have a commander-in-chief that went to battle; showed up for duty; maintained his fitness for service; completed his tour of duty; was decorated; KNOWS the horror of war firsthand because he was in it; and has command experience in firstperson combat.

1:27 PM, September 26, 2004  
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