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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Many Thanks Dan Rather! Join Our Letter to Dan.......UPDATE The letter and your comments have been sent to Rather. Thank you for your participation!!

I'm sure by now that most of you are aware of the flack that has risen concerning the authenticity of the documents used by Dan Rather in last Wednesday's 60 Minutes II broadcast in the attempt to question the President's National Guard service. It would seem that Mr. Rather is hiding behind the first article of the Constitution which insures the freedom of the press to promote his own political agenda as he and 60 minutes have tried to do several times this year. "Democrat Dan" as we will refer to him is well known for his left bias and has even been the guest at many fund raisers for the party of the Donkey. So as it would seem that "Democrat Dan" will use his supposed, "journalistic" position to attempt to defeat the President then we have news for him. We at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth believe that this latest attempt by "Democrat Dan" has and will continue to backfire on him and actually could very well be the catalist that boosts the President's already rising campaign back into the White House for a second term. We would like to show our appreciation to "Democrat Dan" for his un-willing and un-whitting assistance by sending him a thank you letter and give each of you an opportunity to participate. Simply click onto the "comments" link at the end of the letter and on Wednesday September 15 one week after the 60 Minutes airing we will forward the letter and all pertinant comments to "Democrat Dan", (those of you that view ours and other sites know that many vulgar and/or physically explicit comments get posted those will be excluded). Let's show "Democrate Dan" what we think! Join in at the end of the letter and thank you for your participation and for reading our site!

Ken Taylor

Dear Mr. Rather,

It has become very obvious that you are using your position as a prominent member of the media to promote a personal political agenda, namely Democrat. For you to support a candidate personally is fine, that is your right as an American, but to use what should be an objective view as a journalist to promote that personal position is one of the many reasons that the main stream media and CBS news has lost viewership and a great deal of credibility. Your most recent attempt to use your influence to cause the defeat of the President in this election was the rehashing of his National Guard service which has been covered extensivly beginning with his first campaign for Texas Governor. This time though, we think your attempt has backfired on you. Not only are you recieving flack from colleages, but also the family of Lt. Col Killian and much of the American public. Your very reason for the story, to defeat the President may infact have the reverse effect and be a major catalist to bringing about his re-election! You have reminded the public of their distrust of John Kerry, the Democratic Party and the media. With this in mind we would like to thank you for un-willingly and un-whittingly helping the President and propelling him back into the White House for four more years.


The Liberal Lies, The Conservative Truth Website

PS. Attached to this letter are comments from our readers!


Blogger Pat in NC said...

At one time in my life, I looked to CBS as a source of news. I do not know what happened. I was naive in that I believed there was integrity in the reporting? I no longer am able to believe what I hear and see because the content is so slanted. Day after day of Abu Graib, slander of the honorable men who served our country and banded together to tell the truth as they perceived it and now the refusal to even consider you were wrong in predsenting copies of documents designed to denigrate our President's military service. You have become a propaganda tool. You do not represent balanced reporting so that I may make my own judgements. You want to feed to me that which you believe, not objective facts. There are opinion programs who usually host people of differing views. News is not supposed to be an opinion program representing the view of the newscaster or of the management. CBS news has failed in that misssion. I will not be watching CBS news again.

6:32 PM, September 12, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Rather you have proven once again that your journalistic days are over and the time for you to be put out to pasture is now! you have attempted character assasinationa of the President too many times just this year. You and CBS news have lost ALL credibility. I think a criminal investigation for fraud should be considered!

6:33 PM, September 14, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the press was supposed to report the news not make it! It would seem that CBS is THE voice for all Democrat propaganda. I will never watch CBS again, (with the exception of the Super Bowl). This channel no longer exists for me and Dan Rather is no news man!

6:42 PM, September 14, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBS isn't worth watching anymore! If you can't report the news withour trying to push your own agenda, then your shoudn't be on the air. I used to watch CBS news occasionally, but it will be a cold day in you know where, if even then before I watch you again

6:29 AM, September 15, 2004  
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