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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Post Convention Wrap up Nights 1 and 2

We thought it would be a great idea, here at the liberal lie, to have a post convention wrap-up. I want to begin first by thanking Ken Taylor and Chris Lovelace for the great articles. Our viewership has skyrocketed over the last 2 weeks, and these two guys deserve all of the credit. I would also like to send my regards to the Clinton family. Times like these are never easy, but I know that the Clinton's are strong enough to weather the storm. Hurry back Bill. We will need someone to argue with after the election. Now that IM done with this stuff, I guess we can take the gloves off.
The first night of the convention started off wit some great speakers. I was most impressed by the Ron Silver speech. I don't know if you folks relies what a big deal this is. This was one of the biggest Clinton supporters in Hollywood. But something happened that changed him. 911. Make no mistake, this man is a liberal, but we here at the liberal lie salute him. He is a true American.
Great speech by this guy. You can find the transcript and all the transcripts at
And now on to my favorite Republican (yeah right) John McCain. In short I have one thing to say to this man, stop infringing on our rights (ex. Campaign finance reform, free speech, get it now Johnny) , and don't help the Democrats. No matter what you say, they are not the friends of the Republican party. Although I believe that John McCain is very strong on the issue of national security, he will always scare me. I find that McCain Promotes the idea of McCain in 08, more than anything. He's a little to poll-driven for me. Yet his speech was wonderful because he spoke on his strength, national security. If he, Or Gulliani, were forced to speak on social issues, I believe that we would see grave differences from or President. Gulliani and McCain did there job very well, they pulled the party line, like all do at this time of year. And it is time to come together. For the good of our party, and our country. The tone for the first night was very clear. It was national security. And with the combo of Silver, McCain and Gulliani, the message was driven home time and time again. I commend them all on there speeches. And more importantly, we thank them for there dedication to a safer America.
On night two of the convention we had F-U-N. The latter of the speeches, Laura Bush, was everything that I expected. IM sure the first lady speeches at these conventions, are very important for bringing in a certain voting bracket, but I don't look at these speeches as political. These speeches are there to humanize the person at the center of attention. Ms. Bush gave a great speech, warm and moving, and it seemed to show the side of the President his opponents never see, the reluctant warrior. A man whom never choose his war, a war was chosen for him.
The first big speech of the night was from the Govenator. Not enough can be said about this folks. Great isn't the word. This man is a Political powerhouse. Socially liberal, and fiscally conservative, Arnold seems to represent the face our party will take entering into the next decade. He's part of that new wing of the party. I for one don't agree with there social agenda, but there fiscal policies are right on key. If you haven't heared the sound bites, read this one. You wont be disappointed.
John Oliver Benton III


Blogger Pat in NC said...

The speeches were all good and I am glad to see the party united. I believe some social issues need to be addressed, however, better health insurance, improved electrical grid, the creation of jobs etc. will be of no value if we do not rid the world of organized terrorists.

7:53 PM, September 04, 2004  
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