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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What If ......?

"Memogate!" That's what it is being called. You can be completely confident that when the suffix "gate" is applied to a news item that the result will eventually cause heads to role somewhere. But in this case who's head? Dan Rather and CBS News have unwaveringly stayed the course and stuck to their guns that the memos concerning the President's National Guard service are not forged and are true. Tonight on 60 Minutes II where this all began last week Rather had Colonel Killian's secretary on to say that even though she did not type the documents for the Colonel and they were forged papers, the information was true. Now just what information in the papers was not elaborated on but....Ok so Rather is still trying to PROVE what the whole world knows to be false. Why??? Either he is incredibly stupid, which is not likely or knowing that admitting the documents are a forgery would force him to reveal his source. Now if that source was , say, a disgruntled National Guard officer who didn't like the President I cannot believe that Rather would risk his own credibility and that of CBS news to protect the source. But on the other hand...WHAT IF the source was a high up member of the DNC such as Terry Mculiff or a new addition to the Kerry campaign, say for instance James Carville then revealing the source would have devestating effects that would virtually end the Kerry campaign and the DNC as we know it today plus bring federal indictments for election fraud and tampering. This is just speculation on my part but it does propose an interesting scenerio and possiblity. The Kerry campaign is desperatly struggling and a request is made to the DNC and the real head of the party Bill and Hillary. So Mculiff, (a Clinton man), sends for Carville and Bagala, (also Clinton men) to "help" the struggling campaign. Now Kerry at this point doesn't realize that they show up with another bring the Kerry campaign down further so as to insure Bush's victory thus leaving the door wide open for Hillary to run in 2008. A Kerry Presidency would end that posibility plus after inauguration Kerry would clean house in the DNC replacing Clinton people with his people. Now coincidentely the National Guard story is one that Mculiff and Carville have been trying to push, without success for most of the year. Mysteriously previously unknown documents surface from the President's former CO and within a week after joining the campaign the controversy begins. They can't go to CNN the most likely choice because that would be too obvious because of the Carville connection. So they choose an active Democrat and one with the perfect left bias who has a very well known dislike for the Bush family, Dan Rather! Hmmm does sound interesting doesn't it. But no this couldn't happen or could it or....has it!

Ken Taylor


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