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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Convention Night 3 GOP.....Give 'em Zell !!!

Monday night Mcain and Rudy reminded us of our military and civilian heroes and why we will win the War on Terror. Last night the "Govenator" reminded us in Reaganest form of pride in America and what it means to be a Republican. Tonight the the GOP gave 'em Zell ! Zell Miller the senior Senator from Georgia and former Georgia Governor was the convention keynote speaker. No big deal right? Ha, Zell Miller is a Democrat who twelve years ago gave the keynote at the DNC praising Clinton as the savior of America, yet now after seeing his party "shatter" his trust in them angrily proclaimed that there is, "only one man who has the backbone to protect my family and that man is George W. Bush! My family is more important to me than my party!" Zell Miller came tonight with a mission; to proudly stand with the President and to reveal, finally to America the record of John Kerry. Introduced as the conscience of the Democrat Party Senator Miller denounced his parties, "manic obsession to bring down the President" and partison politics with our national security that refers to the military as occupiers. With a scowel on his brow Miller looked straight into the camera and proclaimed that, "nothing makes this Marine madder than to be called occupiers rather than liberators!" He refered to John Kerry as an, "Auctioneer, selling off our national security" then delivered an extensive list of weapons programs and military funding that Kerry voted against sighting how each program was used successfully by our military then uttered the glaring indictment, how did Kerry expect US forces to fight, "armed with what..spit balls!!" Miller then described the President as a, "God fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steal." Ladies and gentlemen I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of John Kerry and amazingly enough it has been ushered in by a colleague from the Senate and a fellow Democrat who knows the truth when he sees it and is not afraid to stand for what he believes! Thank you Zell!! The Vice President then spoke accepting his parties nomination and began by listing the accomplishments of the Bush administration, including the War on Terror and the liberation of 50 million people. Comparing the terrorists to Nazi's and the Soviets all bent on our destruction now "faced with a war we did not start, but one we are determined to win!" The VP made a somewhat surprizing announcement that is a tremendous win for the President. The nuclear black market network that supplied components etc. to Iran,Lybia and North Korea has been shut down! As expected Cheney continued with addressing Kerry's Senate record, (isn't it amazing that Kerry's Senate record is ONLY being addressed by the GOP and not the DNC, hmmm well I guess that shows that his lack of record is why four months out weighs 20 years!) Touting that Kerry's, "most lively disagreement is with himself" Cheney then shared the imfamous Kerry flip - flops reminding us of Kerry's two America's which, "makes the whole thing mutual ...Americs sees two Kerry's." All in all another great night for the GOP and another nail in the coffin of Kerry-Edwards. Do I hear landslide boys and girls!!!

Ken Taylor


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