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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


First they tried to claim Mitt Romney was a felon because he was involved with Bain Capital two years after he was officially no longer with the company. Of course there was never any proof to that effect as ALL records clearly indicated when Romney left and cut all ties with Bain Capital. So that lie back fired on the Obama campaign and his cohorts on the left.

Since the Bain Capital lie didn't work and the Obama campaign as well as the DNC and every Democrat who still supports Obama and is actually breathing knows that he has absolutely no record to run on, it became obvious that somewhere another lie to try and destroy Romney's reputation had to be found.  Leave it up to scumbag Harry Reid to come up with a whopper.  On the floor of the Senate no less, proverbial liar Reid announced that he had an anonymous source that told him Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for 10, count 'em 10 years.  Of course Reid wouldn't name the source nor produce ANY records or documents proving his lie, just an announcement on the floor of The United States Senate accusing a Presidential candidate of tax evasion.

It only took one day for the other Democrat scumbag Nancy Pelosi to come out of her rotten egg shell to announce in her usual finger pointing press gathering that she not only believed Reid but accepted the story from his anonymous source as factual, again without ANY documentation or proof of any kind. Her Botox lips almost exploded as she smiled and smirked at the chance to embrace Reid's lie and accuse Romney. Then there is Barack Obama who is playing the dumb, bumbling Sargent Shultz of Hogan's Heroes fame with an, "I know nothing, I see nothing, " approach to the obvious lie and leaves it up to his Richie Cunningham look alike Press Secretary Jay Carney to dodge all the questions and perpetuate the lie by his silence.

Romney has released two years of tax returns showing that in just those two years he paid a whopping $8 MILLION dollars in federal income tax and if this is averaged out over the ten years that Reid is accusing Romney of evading taxes it would multiply to a massive $40 MILLION dollars in taxes paid by the GOP nominee.  One has to wonder in Reid's feeble mind just how much someone has to pay in order to be considered as actually paying taxes.

I also distinctly remember when a certain known tax evader by the name of Timothy Geithner was being investigated and vetted to be Obama's Treasury Secretary it was announced that Geithner had not paid self employment taxes from 2001 - 2004 and knew it.  This of course was brushed off as a simple over sight by Reid, Obama, Pelosi and the liberal media and no big deal for the guy who would be the head of the IRS. It was also not just a baseless accusation but a documented FACT that Geithner did not pay his taxes for four calender years.  It was later revealed that Geithner was only one of many Obama staffers who were known tax evaders. But of course since they were Democrats and working for Obama it was the cool thing to do.

Then there's Mitt Romney, a hard working successful business man who was elected Governor of Massachusetts and has documentation showing he paid his taxes and Reid, Pelosi and Obama's silence on the subject seek to condemn, accuse and vilify a man who followed and obeyed the law. After all with the left it is the seriousness of the charge and not the evidence that counts.

The left wing media is also helping in perpetrating this lie. US News and World Report knowing of Romney's released tax returns showing he paid $8 MILLION in taxes over two years has come up with a scenario in an article written by Rick Newman on how Romney could have not paid taxes for 10 years. The entire article is based on absolute speculation and numbers that Newman pulled out of a hat but the left is jumping on it like it is factual and truthful backing up Reid's absolute lie.

Once again the seriousness of the charge and now they are trying to force Romney into defending himself over this absolute lie. All to take the focus off the failed Presidency of Barack Obama and the fact that he has no record to run on. This type of Chicago thug character attacking is typical of every Obama campaign since he first ran for office as an Illinois State Senator. He never runs on accomplishments, which are non existent, or a record which is either failed or also doesn't exist. He runs on false accusations and lies in order to destroy his opponent and scare voters away from his opposition by making them look like criminals or absolute scum of the Earth.

This is dirty politics at its worst and is only the beginning of the lies that will follow against Romney and whomever is chosen as his VP.  At least the American people so far are not buying into this character assassination style campaign as is evidenced by the complete failure of the Bain Capital felony accusations taking any root with the voting public. Reid's lie also doesn't seem to be getting any traction except by the media as polls are not showing it having any affect on Romney. In fact the left leaning pollsters are still having to stoop to skewing the numbers at around +14 Democrat over Republican in polling samples just to keep Obama in a close race with Romney both Nationally and in battle ground states.

So the bottom line here is the lies aren't, at least for now working and to Harry Reid and Nancy, "Botox," Pelosi I say emphatically SHUT UP!!!!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you also fail to mention is that around the same time the economy collapsed under President Bush's policies of no regulation for the fat cats on wall street. I suggest you look at this chart for the correct job growth rates. I wonder how Republicans can just make stuff up.

9:37 PM, August 16, 2012  
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