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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Taking a one day break from the political scene today in order to pay my respects and recognize the Centennial birthday of a Hollywood legend, Gene Kelly.  Kelly throughout his amazing career was one of the most prolific dancers to ever grace the big screen.  His smooth yet very masculine and in athletic dance moves delighted audiences for several decades.

With such films as, "Singing in the Rain," which had the most famous and spectacular dance sequence in motion picture history, as seen in the above video, "An American in Paris," "On the Town," one of three films teaming Kelly with Frank Sinatra, "Brigadoon," and so many other of Hollywood's greatest musicals established Kelly as one of the greatest hoofers of all time challenged only by the talents of the great Fred Astaire.  While Astaire in my opinion and that of others was the king of the ballroom dance, Kelly was the king of tap.

Kelly directed many films including James Stewart and Henry Fonda in the comedy western , " The Cheyenne Social Club."  Kelly displayed his ability as a serious dramatic actor portraying a reporter in the classic 1960 film, "Inherit the Wind."  His acting ability, smooth voice and spectacular dancing has established Kelly as one of the greatest stars to ever grace the screen and whose influence changed movie choreography forever.

Kelly was almost a task master on the set when staging the extremely difficult dance sequences in his many musicals. But every dancer who worked with him not only deeply respected his abilities and his expert staging but learned from someone they considered a master at his art.  Debbie Reynolds, his costar in, "Singing in the Rain, " was an eighteen year old screen novice who had never danced before her casting in the movie. Kelly not only taught her to dance but patiently helped her to gain the confidence she needed to work beside one who was already a legend in Hollywood.

No one has ever graced the screen as magnificently as Gene Kelly.  His brilliant screen appearances are forever preserved so that generations can experience the greatness of this man who brought so much enjoyment to the screen and gave all that he was to become a true legend. Happy 100th birthday to the great Gene Kelly.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in IL. Obama won't lose IL. Chicago chooses who the governor is going to be and who the electoral votes will go to. No one else in IL can change anything, what Chicago wants Chicago gets.

I will still go to the polls and cast my vote for Romney on election day even knowing it's just a waste of my time.

11:38 AM, August 23, 2012  
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