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Monday, August 06, 2012


As the 2012 election cycle gets heated and the Obama campaign along with his Democrat cohorts keep trying to find anyone to blame for the disaster that is the US economy, continual high unemployment and stagnant economic growth that is moving toward a possible double dip recession they need look no further than their own camp and their President.

The graph shows they need look no further than Democrat policies and the Presidency of Barack Obama!  The political blame game being played by Obama and Democrats lying to the American public as to where the responsibility lay for our economic disaster is designed to play on an ignorant electorate that they know will not bother to find the truth behinds their lies.

Democrats took over Congress in January 2007 and kept control of Congress until January 2011 when the House went to Republicans yet leaving Control of the Senate with Democrats. From January 2009 until Republicans regained control of the House in January 2011 Democrats had control of Congress and with the election of Barack Obama they had an unfettered control of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal government. Every item on their liberal agenda easily passed both the House and the Senate to be signed by Obama and made into law during two years of unfettered liberalism from 2009 until 2011.  All of which added to an already failing economy and taking it further into the economic abyss that has given us 42 straight months of unemployment over 8%, the longest period in American history INCLUDING the years of The Great Depression.

There has not been a Federal Budget passed since Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 and while they try to blame this on a Republican controlled House over the past almost two years the fact is that every budget measure that has passed the GOP House since January 2011 has not been allowed to the floor of the Harry Reid controlled Senate for even a debate much less a vote.

The Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac debacle that caused the bursting bubble that crashed the economy in 2008 was blamed completely on George Bush and was directly responsible for the disillusionment which elected Obama to The White House and gave complete control of the government to Democrats. Most people are completely unaware that Bush tried to solve the bubble being created by the sub prime rate problem that brought on the crash in 08 seventeen different times beginning five years before the crash.  Democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd blocked every attempt claiming there was nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie so the market crashed and Democrats reaped the benefits.

Since Democrats took over Congress in 2007 unemployment has only risen and the addition of Obama in The White House exploded unemployment. Even with a GOP controlled House since January 2011 an obstructionist Democrat controlled Senate has blocked every attempt to correct the jobs market keeping unemployment high and millions of Americans out of work with hundreds of thousands leaving the job market  because they cannot find a job with so many lost due to liberal policies.

The National debt has increased over 5 TRILLION dollars since Obama took office and is on its way to a 6.5 TRILLION increase by the time Obama leaves office in January 2013 totaling more debt than every President from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined. Deficits have not been below $1.3 TRILLION since Obama took office and trillion dollar deficits are in the forecast until 2020 under current spending which are based on projections of proposed Obama budgets for the next eight years.

When anyone who reads this considers how they will vote and who they believe will be the best candidate for any office as we move into the future for our Nation, remember whose policies have destroyed our economy, lost millions of jobs and kept millions of our fellow citizens unemployed, some for years. Barack Obama and Democrats are responsible and have been assisted along the way with certain RINO Republicans. Vote conservative in 2012. Vote against Barack Obama even if you are not a fan of Mitt Romney because even with his faults Romney will be a 100% improvement over the plague that has been Obama since 2009 and the destruction of the Democrats since 2007.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

I made a copy of that graphic and expect I'll find a good use for it in the coming weeks.

Good find!

2:01 AM, August 15, 2012  
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