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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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Democrats and ads from the Obama campaign have been putting forth the lie that Ryan's budget cuts Medicare and takes the entitlement away from seniors. This deception campaign has been used heavily in especially Florida where Obama is struggling to win a state he took in 2008 and where the population of seniors is high.

The truth is that Ryan's plan changes NOTHING for anyone over the age of 55 leaving Medicare untouched for those who have made retirement plans with Medicare benefits already factored in. The Ryan plan offers those under 55 the option of keeping Medicare as it exists or opting out for private plans.

The ONLY cuts that have been made and they are cuts already taking place come from Democrats and Obama as a means of paying for Obamacare. Obamacare guts Medicare by a massive $741 BILLION dollars which covers only one third of the projected cost of Obamacare.

Democrats are depending on the ignorance of the public in order to continue the lie that Republicans want to throw Grandma under the bridge and Democrats want to protect her. When just the opposite if true. Republicans through the Ryan plan have come up with a way of saving Medicare without taking away ANY benefits.

Obama and the Democrats are sacrificing Medicare and stealing benefits in order to pay for the unwanted debacle known as Obamacare. This undisputed fact is being ignored by the liberal press. Even Democrat loud mouths like Howard Dean who know the truth state that the public will never believe it is actually Democrats cutting the program and not Republicans.

But fortunately the truth is getting out and the Romney/Ryan campaign along with the RNC are stepping up efforts to get this truth out.  The above video is from 2009 where Obama himself admits that Obamacare takes $741 billion from Medicare to pay for the health care debacle and states it in a matter of fact way as if it makes no difference. Yet, now that push is coming to shove both Obama and Democrats lie to keep the truth away from the public and scare seniors away from Paul Ryan.

The American public and especially seniors are not the stupid dupes that Obama and Democrats believe they are and as the campaign continues toward November this fact will be an extreme thorn in the flesh and another nail in the coffin for the end of the Obama corrupt reign in the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely false. Please do your fact checking. The billions of dollars that you claim are being cut will not affect seniors benefits. The cuts are cost savings measures in making Medicare leaner and more effective.

9:29 PM, August 16, 2012  
Anonymous Dennis said...

Absolutely true. Obama's Medicare cuts will harm seniors. The Medicare insurance benefit would be unchanged however, according to Forbes Magazine, "Of the $716 billion in cuts, $415 billion come in the form of “updates to fee-for-service payment rates,” a euphemism for reducing Medicare’s payments to doctors and hospitals." As a result, doctors will stop accepting Medicare and this will definitley hurt seniors.

Anonymous, Ken is absolutely right. I would suggest you do some additional research.

"A 1/32 Cherokee Tea Party guy having fun"

10:39 AM, August 18, 2012  
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