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Thursday, August 02, 2012


I have listened to the leftist media and hate mongering people like Rham Emanuel long enough. Chic-Fil-A Day was NOT about hate, nor was it about anti gay or any of the other intolerance being expressed by the left and the media. Chic-Fil-A Day was about Americans standing up for ANY Americans Constitutional right to freely express a personal belief or opinion WITHOUT being attacked, threatened, intimidated or boycotted for doing so.

In an interview with a Baptist publication that started the entire controversy Dan Cathy, Chi-Fil-A  CEO expressed his personal belief based on his personal christian values that he favored traditional marriage. Not once did he attack gays nor did he show any intolerance or hated but simply expressed in a free country what he believed. Since his personal belief did not match that of the left he was immediately condemned and threatened. His company was likewise condemned and a nation wide boycott was called for.

The liberal Mayors of several cities officially declared that a free American company would not be allowed to do business in their towns because of its CEO expressing his personal belief.  It is the left and their media cohorts that turned a simple expression of personal belief based on a mans personal faith into a message of hate and intolerance. Not once did Cathy attack gays in fact he expressed that his business does not discriminate against anyone.

With the left free speech is only considered free if the opinion expressed is in complete agreement with that of the left. If anyone expressed a different opinion or belief they are vilified and attacked called racists, hate mongering and told they cannot believe as they do.  Chic-Fil-A Day was to stand up against intolerance and hatred not to support it as has been stated by the media and the left.  It was NOT an anti gay day as has been stated by the left but a day where millions of Americans came together to stand for every Americans Constitutional right of free speech and to express a belief as their conscience leads them.

This was NOT about hatred or bigotry but about freedom and our ability as a free people to express our beliefs and follow our conscience without being threatened, intimidated or boycotted for doing so. The millions who supported Chic-Fil-A were not there for hate nor to stand against any life style or sexual preference but to support our Constitutional and yes God given right to express our beliefs freely without fear of reprisal for doing so. That my friends is what Chic-Fil-A Day was about and yes I had a meal at Chic-Fil-A in support of FREEDOM!

Ken Taylor


Blogger david harris said...

There isn't a Chik-fil-a within 100 miles of me or I would have been there for multiple meals. This man and his company should be rewarded for standing up for their opinion. Most have caved to this intense pressure and cruelty by the so called tolerant.

12:29 AM, August 03, 2012  
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