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Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Love him, hate him, you don't know him." As seen in the movie poster on the left this is the tag line of the film by Dinesh  D' Sousa and Gerald Molden the producer of, "Schindler's List."  "Obama's America 2016," provides in a well filmed documentary style that is not only intriguing but designed to keep ones attention how events, people and places from his past shaped and molded the thinking, ideology and political agenda of Barack Obama.

D' Sousa who from the beginning compares his journey to America from his native India and his experience as an American to that of Obama's not because he suggests that Obama was not born in The United States but because both he and Obama were born in the same year, graduated from an Ivy League School in the same year and began their journey into life at the same time. In his comparison D'Sousa offers that his journey and Obama's being the same age etc. gives him a unique insight to Obama's thinking and how both coming from similar back grounds went in two polar different directions in ideology because of the influences in their lives. D'Sousa conservative and Obama as is explained in the film, anti colonialist.

D'Sousa through exhaustive research traveling the world to discover who Barack Obama is and those in whom he was influenced provides a picture of Obama that offers the first complete explanation of how he rose to where he did, where his ideology that is taking America in a direction that is in total disagreement with the founding intent of our Nation and how his agenda now threatens America taking her in a direction that if reelected would place our Nation on an even playing field with even third world countries.

Interviewing friends of Obama's parents, associates of his father and grand father and even the impoverished brother of Obama, George Obama, D'Sousa provides a picture of a man who haunted by the ghost of his father who abandoned him at a young age has seen it as his destiny to rise above the failures of his father and take the dreams of Barack Obama senior who was a staunch anti colonialist and use the power of the Presidency to diminish and downsize America as a punishment for building American prosperity at the expense of other countries such as his father's native Kenya.

D'Sousa reveals Obama's true, "founding fathers," and they are not Washington, Jefferson or Franklin. Men such as Frank Marshall who was chosen by Obama's grand father as a mentor for young Barack.  Bill Ayers who was instrumental in Obama's early career and anti Israel and pro Palestinian professor Edward Said of Columbia University where Obama went to college.  His other founding fathers I will leave for the reader to discover upon watching the film.

D'Sousa does not set out to, "bash," Obama but to reveal through his past who this man that was elected by his charisma alone actually is and why he seeks to do what he is attempting through the Presidency. D'Sousa also paints a frightening picture of what an unfettered second term without the restraints of the necessity to win reelection will be under Barack Obama.

No matter what ones ideology or political persuasion this film is a must see to understand Barack Obama and the true danger he presents to our Nation. Follow this link to find where the film is showing near you. View the trailer for this film and make plans to see, "Obama's America 2016."

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This movie is simply wildly speculative propaganda. I am far more fearful of those who try to gain power in this country through relentless lies, deceptions and half-truths such as illustrated by the content of this movie. Members of the Republican party and so called conservatives need to become intellectually honest. They also need to actually believe in this country and it's ideals.

7:59 PM, September 10, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contrary to what many critics have said, I do not believe for a minute that the purpose of this movie was to spread lies about Barak Obama. The movie was a comprehensive investigation into the president's past, his family and his friends. There is no question that people's views and outlook are shaped by those to whom they are closest and many of those who have influenced the president do not share the ideas and foundations that our country was built on. It is particularly important that this movie was made given the incredibly slanted coverage by the left-wing media that view the president's policies as the only correct policies and consistently and intentionally fail to report the news objectively. My political views are moderate and after watching this movie, my concerns that the president is taking our country in the wrong direction have been confirmed. I suggest that anyone who is interested in the future our country should see this movie.

12:00 AM, October 15, 2012  
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