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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


A very contrite and obviously angry Barack Obama took to the podium to announce that a, "deal," had been reached concerning the extension of the Bush tax rates which have been in place since 2001 but due to expire at the end of this month. In the deal ALL of the current tax rates will be extended for an additional two years along with a 2% decrease in the Social Security payroll tax for the 2011 calendar year. In ,"trade," for the tax extension and cut in payroll taxes the GOP agreed to extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months.

The Obamatrons immediately began spinning that this was a win for Obama because of the extension of unemployment benefits. Yet throughout his announcement Obama not only apologized for the extension of the Bush rates by saying he was against ,"cutting taxes," for the , "rich," but he attempted to take credit for the extension for those making under 250K AND the payroll tax decrease.

Obama and Democrats NEVER wanted the tax rates extended in the first place otherwise this would have been addressed several years ago. When pressure started mounting they conceded to an extension for ONLY those who made less than 250K claiming that any extension for those making more was a tax cut for the rich. This has NEVER been about a tax cut but an extension of tax rates which have been in place for nearly ten years.

Had Obama NOT agreed to this he would have been held solely responsible for the largest tax increase in history. Republicans and a few Democrats took a unyielding stance against raising ANY taxes and Obama had no choice but to go along. His leftist base have already expressed their anger at the agreement and some are stating that because of this Obama will be challenged for the Democrat nomination in 2012.

The massive defeat Obama and the Dems suffered in the mid term election is already having an impact as Republicans made a principled stand against any tax increase despite Obama and the Dems fighting it tooth and nail. Ultimately even before taking control of the House in January and a much stronger position in the Senate the GOP stand forced Obama to defeat and the Bush tax rates will remain along with addition a payroll tax decrease. Obama refuses to understand that this deal is what the people wanted and that we are his boss and not the other way around. This is a victory for America, conservatism but most of all for the people of The United States.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So even though the majority of of people polled say the want us to end the tax cuts for the rich, you someone say this is what the voters wanted. Since you're lying shouldn't you change the blog to Conservatives Lie?

1:10 AM, December 08, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Hey wake up these are NOT tax cuts...period, but an extension of TAX RATES that have been in place since 2001....use your brain and not your liberal talking points.

And the people do NOT want ANY tax increase and whatever poll you sre supposedly looking at is pollong only left wing like you who hate the rich but have no problem with being one and taking advantage of every tax loophole and capitalist incentive our Nation allows.

All the increase would have done is bankrupted small business and cost thousands of more jobs. Wake up to reality.

10:27 AM, December 08, 2010  
Anonymous Scoremore said...

If the concern is that a lot of the wealthy may cut or prevent job hires then why not provide a tax incentive for the business they are in charge of rather than boost their income? How many of those making 250K+ are directly responsible for hiring employees? I’d guess (I know I shouldn’t) that some proportion of these wealthy either inherited it, or or are responsible for a minimum (and not negotiable) number of jobs like doctors, lawyers, actors and sports players (the latter of course to a possibly negligible degree. It seems like a crude way to ensure job growth to just give them all tax reductions. I know there are already business incentives but proposing more to compromise would be much more helpful than flat out giving money to the wealthy. Of course there’s nothing wrong w/ giving money to anyone, except when there are people trying to make ends meet, with no purchasing power on their own to afford necessities like food and health care, which are by the way much more efficient for productivity than luxury cars and 4-star dinners. Something’s off here. Is it just that democrats are completely inept at explaining things or am I not understanding the message?

9:34 AM, December 09, 2010  
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