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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


With less than two dozen days left in the lame duck session of Congress, the Democrat Senate had proposed a 1.1 TRILLION dollar budget, increasing spending by more than 16 BILLION dollars and loading it with 6, 488 earmarks for liberal wish list projects. The bill is 1924 pages long with a cost of 575.13 MILLION dollars PER PAGE.

Harry Reid and his left wing buddies in the Senate obviously like most of the Democrats in DC including Obama did not get the message clearly sent by Americans at the mid term election OR they have chosen to completely ignore, as usual, the will of the people or both. I'm placing my bets on both. These liberal morons have NEVER cared what the people thought and even though they had their tails handed to them in a massive defeat in November, they refused to listen to the massage sent that the PEOPLE are angry about spending, deficits, debt and pork.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went before the press to voice his anger over the bill one, because of it's ridiculous price tag and two, Harry Reid has refused to allow ANYONE to see the bill much less read it. Of course this total lack of transparency with legislation has been the normal mode of operation for the Reid/Pelosi Congress so Reid in not allowing the bill to be seen is following his usual deceptive tactics.

Along with the pork earmarks the ,"budget," bill contains other wish list projects for the left such as new regulations for GITMO detainees, regulations for airport baggage and a host of other ridiculous spending and regulatory initiatives that have little or nothing to do with the federal budget. This bill is Reid's answer to presenting a stop gap measure to fund the federal government temporarily until a full budget measure can be made.

Democrats have not been the least bit concerned in presenting a full budget measure all year and now that the lame duck session and their power are both coming to an end Reid is trying to force through everything left on their leftist agenda before the new Congress convenes in January. Reid has even threatened to keep the Senate in session until the term officially expires on January 4, 2011.

The government has been WITHOUT a budget all year because Democrats refused to present one before the election since they knew this type of spending would destroy them in reelection bids. They were destroyed anyway and now after a clear message was sent by the people they choose to rush through this unnecessary and uncalled for bill AGAINST the will of the people and in a last minute effort to abuse the power they still hold.

We can survive without a budget bill until the new Congress convenes and present one with sanity and spending cuts which is what voters demanded in November. Republicans must stand firm in rejecting this nightmare last minute spending spree attempted by Democrats forcing Reid into defeat with this measure and this worst Congress in our history to end with a whimper.

Ken Taylor


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