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Friday, December 03, 2010


I borrowed this picture from the lead story of the Drudge Report because I could not help but see the irony of Obama's basketball induced fat lip and the fact that this leftist ideologue who believes that the destructive agenda he has been forcing down our throats is actually good for America and helping Americans.

During a season that traditionally sees even hard employment times improve because of Christmas seasonal hiring, the disastrous economy that has progressively become worse because of failed and in many cases dangerous economical policy put in place by Obama, unemployment actually rose to 9.8% as Obama keeps telling everyone that his policy saved the country from a financial collapse and the economy is improving.

Even the economic growth figures that he touted as a showing of an improved economy have been revised downward as the true figures have come in and the stagnant economy is NOT showing any real signs of recovering. And of course one of the most important key indicators in a recovering economy is unemployment which has continual worsened as a result of Obama policy.
Yet to listen to this deceiving leftist in speeches and interviews the economy is getting better and he personally has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and the Nation is finally on track following his yellow brick road to recovery soon to enter the Emerald City and meet the great and powerful OZ. That was a fairy tale and so is Obama's road to recovery. No jobs, a worsening economy and no prospect of any improvement but at least Obama has his fantasies of greatness. Boy do we miss Herbert Hoover!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

You would think that seeing how bad unemployment is that Democrats would be more open to new ideas on what to do (espcially after the Novembe election).

Yet in the House, Senate and White House all we get is the same old tired partisan hackery blocking every new and potentially better idea.

Instead of working with the GOP on solutions, the Dems are doubling down on attacks, engaging in class warfar "tax cuts for the rich" and saying that the GOP wants the unemployed to go hungry at Christmas just because we want to pay for another extension of unemployment benefits by cutting spending elsewhere.

As General Honore in New Orleans post Katrina once said "Don't get stuck on stupid!" The Dems don't seem to be listening!

2:45 PM, December 03, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Mike as Forrest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does!"

3:24 PM, December 03, 2010  
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